Why Quick Weight Loss Programs Are Not Worth It

Weight loss programs are not worth it because after you have all that money into their membership and food plans you could have bought yourself a new weight machine and a new treadmill and still have money left over to do with what you want.

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Now don’t get me wrong some people have done these weight loss programs and have had a lot of success but to me they are a rip off. I mean come on why not walk on your own and do it yourself like I did many years ago instead of paying someone all that money when you do not have to?

I lost 64 pounds in 6 months by myself without weight machines or programs. I did it by myself and I am proud I did. I am a very under paid person and cannot afford to pay 300 or so dollars a month for a meal plan and a membership.

I say if you have the extra money to spend on that kind of stuff you have the extra money to put to other good needs stuff like starving children who do not get but one little small meal a day in other countries.
There are many people out there who wish they had the extra money to spend on weight loss programs such as myself, but some people do not get that luxury.

All you have to do is, and I will tell you what I did to lose 64 pounds in 6 months, is you cut out all the junk food completely. No more candy no more sweets and definitely no more pop. Yes you can have diet pop but not regular pop that is full of nothing but sugar.

I walked everyday for 6 months whether it was raining, snowing whatever. Get a pedometer it helps a lot too. I ate boneless chicken breasts off of the George Foreman grill once a day and I ate fat free bread and fat free turkey. Vegetarian vegetable soup is good too I ate that a lot.

Another thing diet pills do not work. They never have and never will. You yourself have to have the motivation no matter what weight loss program you are on to be able to exercise on a regular basis and be able to keep it up.

You are not going to lose wight by some meal plan and expect to not exercise to get the weight off. If that was the case they would be charging a whole lot more that just 300 or so dollars a month. Also if that was the case there would have to be something wrong with the plan because nothing god created made ou not work for it.

You have to work the pounds off if you want to see results. No matter what you go for.
So my advice is save your money buy healthy food for your house cut out all the sweets and pop and exercise on a regular basis and I know you will shed those pounds just like I did. No questions asked except for maybe “How did you get so skinny?

Nick Carter

Why Quick Weight Loss Programs Are Not Worth It
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