Why are women harder to lose weight than men?

Females often feel extremely difficult to lose weight compared to males. Why can men easily strengthen muscles and reduce fat, unlike women?

Here are the reasons why women have difficulties in losing weight.

1. Hormonal problems:

Due to hormonal changes, women find it difficult to lose weight. This movement usually occurs during the menstrual cycle and makes them feel heavy. Two female hormones affecting women’s lives since puberty to the end of life are estrogen and progesterone.

Between the two, estrogen is produced from the time of puberty to menopause, while progesterone is produced from the time of ovulation until the end of the cycle. Without ovulation, there would be no progesterone.
Why are women harder to lose weight than men
In particular, estrogen involves in the production of fat and fluid retention and thus causes weight gain when secreted in large amounts by the ovaries or when it is not offset by progesterone.

Fat is the fundamental interstitial tissue in a female body, accounting for 25% of body weight. In females, fat is stored mainly in the thighs and buttocks. Therefore, at puberty, when the ovaries begin to synthesize estrogen, female body begins to accumulate fat in the lower part of the body.

Weight gain in women is greatly affected by the amount of estrogen, especially for women in childbearing age. Using birth control pills containing much progesterone and estrogen can cause weight gain. Estrogen produced by the ovarian increases in the early stage of pregnancy.

Then the placenta also produces this hormone until the third month of pregnancy. These hormones will act to accumulate fat during pregnancy. This fat is used most in the last 3 months of pregnancy when the baby grows most rapidly.

At premenopausal period, estrogen is produced sporadically. The lack of estrogen causes hot flashes, while excess estrogen causes water retention and fat storage. Fat in the lower part of the body decreases (smaller thighs, buttocks and breasts), while increases in the upper parts, especially the belly area.

As analyzed above, female hormones estrogen causes the body to accumulate fat. On the other hand, male hormone testosterone has the function of burning fat. This is the first reason that women have more difficulty losing weight than men.

2. Diet:
Why are women harder to lose weight than men

The uncontrollable eating habits of women make them obese. The common reason of this obesity are overeating, snacking and having starchy foods.

Many women often skip breakfast in fear of getting fat, which is a big mistake because skipping breakfast leads to increased appetite for sweet and fatty foods, and you will tend to eat more at lunch or dinner. This is also the reason why women have difficulty losing weight.

Other factors related to diet, such as stress – can also make women to eat according to mood. When women are stressed they might eat so much, even without realizing they are doing so. Women also have a habit of focusing on favorite foods, if those foods are fried foods, it is clear that this is a way to making women difficult to lose weight fast.

3. Proportion of muscle:
Why are women harder to lose weight than men

Due to natural composition, muscle ratio in women is less than men, while the fat ratio is higher than that of men. However, muscle metabolism is much faster than fat. For women, the typical fat ratio is 21-31%, while this ratio is only 14-25% for men. Thus, men will easily burn more calories because of having more muscles than women.

In other words, exercising alone can be enough for men to lose weight fast while women will have to adjust the diet as well to get similar results.

4. Taking medicine:

A lot of drugs have side effects as weight gain. The two biggest culprits are birth control pills and antidepressants.

Birth control pills make women gain weight as they alter the hormonal levels in the body, while antidepressants contain many components that influence the natural metabolic processes of the body.

5. Thyroid Disorders:
Why are women harder to lose weight than men

Women have less thyroid hormone than men, while this hormone controls the metabolic process. When thyroid hormone decreased, it will not only hinder weight loss but can also cause weight gain.

Hypothyroidism is a problem that many women have to face with. This disease makes women difficult to control their weight. If you are experiencing problems with the thyroid gland, you should see the doctor and get the best treatments.

6. Stress and lack of sleep:

Besides pregnancy and breastfeeding, many other factors of a mother’s life make her gain weight. Stress, lack of sleep, lack of time for exercise and feeding their children are always the cause of weight gain for mothers.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight successfully, make sure to sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a day, as well as learn how to reduce stress and take care of yourself.

Why are women harder to lose weight than men?
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