What is the safest and most effective weight loss method ?

Fast weight lost is a popular need for the majority of those who are overweight. There are numerous ways to lose weight, however, which solution offers high performance while ensuring safety is a question that raises many people’s concern. Let’s refer to the following Top 4 methods to lose weight and see which offers the best solution.
According to WHO statistics, the number of people suffering from overweight and obesity worldwide has skyrocketed at a growing speed from 1. 4 billion people in 2010 to 1.7 billion in 2013. Therefore, the demand for weight loss methods becomes ever more urgent. Along with the development of economy and society, the personal time for each person, especially women become lessened so safe and effective slimming down becomes a concern of the majority of overweight people.
With the increasing demand for fast fat loss, myriads of intense fat loss program (especially belly fat reduction) has been developed and applied such as:
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The Effective Ways to Lose Weight for you daily
1. Drugs for fast weight loss:
Using diet pills is the choice of many people when it comes to lose weight. In essence, the compounds contained in these pills will increase the demand for water intake and decrease the body’s need for food which helps users lose weight. This method is suitable for those who are overweight and are in good health condition. However, when applied improperly, it can cause dangerous side effects such as imbalance in the body, bad effects on digestive tract and depression, etc.
Level of Efficiency + Safety: 5/10
2. Use fat loss machines:
In the market now there are numerous of fat loss machines operating with the mechanisms to generate heat to burn the excess fat by shaking with different frequencies. This is also a popular way to reduce fat by many women. However, according to experts, once you stop using, the weight will rebound quickly in just a very short period of time.
Level of Efficiency + Safety: 6/10
3. Liposuction surgery to lose weight:
With this method of intensive belly fat loss, fat will be taken out of the body by making a small incision in areas with excess fat then put specialized equipment in and directly suck out the fat. Liposuction is a quick weight loss method but it is only suitable for people who are in good condition with a lot of yet newly accumulated fat (the link among fat cells are loose).
Level of Efficiency + Safety: 6/10
According to some scientists, “Liposuction is one of the most risky forms of cosmetic surgery and it easily leads to accidents, such as clogged fat arteries, so you should be very careful”.
4. Reduce fat using high technology:
Currently, there are many fat reduction technology has been studied and successfully applied, the energy use of biological light waves, Rf  waves, convergent ultrasound waves or laser energy, bringing about slimming results with higher-level speed for users. One of the few technologies that experts appreciate for the intensive slimming effect and safety is the 3D technology Lipo Plus which helps reduce 95% of excess fat in one single implementation.
3D Lipo fat reduction technology is an improvement from Lipo 3D technology, discovered by beauty experts from the United States. It works on the mechanism of using new generation ultrasound energy convergence with 200 KHz frequency to burn and liquefy as well as release of fat from the body by the ultrasound device. This method is suitable for those who need intensive slimming effect and is held FDA certification for absolute safety level.
Level of Efficiency + Safety: 9/10
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