Weight Loss Tips With Lemon And Green Tea

3 weight loss methods and “eliminate” excessive fat in the abdomen by lemon and green tea is used because many women bring high efficiency, safe for health.

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1. Why lemon and green tea become “recipes” to lose weight?

With natural ingredients, rich concentrations of acid and vitamin C. Lemon has the ability to help solve heat, eliminates toxins, stimulates digestion and quickly drain the excess fat quickly, the risk components store excessive fat:

2. These are some weight loss tips with lemon and green tea:

a. Fresh lemon drink:

Weight loss tips with lemon and green tea

The easiest way is to drink diluted lemon juice, 1/2 lemon dissolved in 1.5 to 2 liters of drinking water per day and will help drain excess calories in the body. Additionally, you can drink lemon salt 30 minutes after a meal helps reduce belly fat and provide essential minerals to help restore health.

b. Drink green tea with lemon:

Weight loss tips with lemon and green tea

The combination of lemon and green tea will be effective beyond your expectations. This drink not only reduces abdominal fat, also good for the skin, slow the aging process and prevent many diseases.


Green tea leaves are washed, blanched with boiling water to remove the sardonic. Then boil about two liters of water every day to drink, drink each time. So squeeze a few drops of a lemon tea cup, to create enough sour.

c. Reduce belly fat with lemon and honey tea:

Weight loss tips with lemon and green tea

Mix 1/2 lemon mixture with 2 tablespoons of honey and 300 ml of warm water. You should drink before breakfast about 20 minutes. Your body will be purified and dispel the abdominal cellulite quickly to surprises. This drink is widely applied to reduce belly fat through extremely efficient and brings bright skin, pinky natural.

Weight Loss Tips With Lemon And Green Tea
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