Useful Tips For Parents Of Obese Children

When your child is overweight or obese, you should not be too anxious or hastily force the child to lose weight by any means. This article will provide helpful tips for you.

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More and more children are overweight and obese in our country as well as in all over the world. To help children lose weight, however, involves not only cutting down on their diet but also involves helping them change their daily eating and activity habits.

Fast food, carbonated beverages, canned food, etc. Constitute the main reason leading to overweight and obesity in children. Moreover, those habits of sitting for hours before television or computer instead of playing and moving around, using the elevator instead of the stairs, for example, cause children to be physically inactive and thus hinder the process of burning excess calories.

When your children have to encounter this situation, stay calm and take the following expert advices:

1. Help your child to change the diet:

You should gradually reduce children’s daily calorie intake. Besides, you should rearrange the meal (not to eat more meals, not to have snacks, for instance) while reorienting children’s selection of food. For example, instead of choosing a glass of fizzy drink, guide children to take some fresh fruit juice or water; instead of dessert with ice cream or cake, get your child to have some yogurt.

Talk to the child and analyze the consequences of being overweight, reasons for losing weight so that they will realize the benefits and voluntarily follow. If you force your children too hard, they will be likely to react negatively and the result will be the opposite of what you expect.

Useful tips for parents of obese children

2. Share and help children overcome anxiety and derision from friends:

Obese children are often teased and criticized by their friends. At such times, children are very self-deprecated and are easily angry, and do not get along with friends. Family, especially parents and teachers at school play a very important role in helping children with obesity to be psychologically stabilized.

Keep the family meals abundant with vegetables and limit fatty foods and sugar. Do not put sugary drinks and candy in the refrigerator or within children’s reach. Adults should not sit too long in front of television and computers to set an example for children.

At school, it is the teachers who provide consolation and help them to be more sociable. Avoid scolding them if they are not really determined to lose weight. A stable and relaxed state of mind will make children excited in the implementation of the weight loss methods that adults guide them.

Useful tips for parents of obese children

3. Do not apply all weight loss methods simultaneously:

You are so worried about the child’s redundant weight that you force him or her to simultaneously use diet pills, exercise aggressively and reduce portions by half, etc. These actions can make your child burn out and get sick.

Follow doctor’s advices and remember when it comes to lose weight, moderation is the key. Keep children’s weight under control so that they will not continue to put on weight. Helping children regain their ideal weight takes time. The sooner you discovered the child’s obesity and take treatment the more effectiveness the treatments will bring about since it allow you took advantage of the child’s growth period. This is the time for the child’s body to change.

Useful tips for parents of obese children

4. Exercise with children:

Overweight and obese children are commonly inactive. Why not cheer your kids and arrange time to play sports with them or simply to do more activities together. Have you practice along, they will feel excited. You should choose exercises from simple to complex. If walking, do not need to go too far right from the first day.

Remember to pay close attention to their health. Suitable sports for children to lose weight are: running, walking, playing soccer and badminton, etc. Encourage your child to use the stairs if the target floor is not too high.

Useful tips for parents of obese children

After taking exercise or playing sports, children are often hungry and thirsty. If you let them have sugary drinks or fatty foods, the energy loss will be compensated right back so let them drink water and eat fruit when hungry.

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Useful Tips For Parents Of Obese Children
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