Top Facts About Stubborn Fat

Something stubborn is marked by tenacious unwillingness to not respond to treatment. Thus, the name “stubborn fat” pertains to that of fat that is hardly willing to yield to diets and exercise routines.

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Though liposuction may be regarded as an immediate method to take away stubborn fat, its relief however is short and insignificant. This is because even if the liposuction were done successfully, the fat would still return in places they once have stayed before.

Thus, one can never go wrong in trying natural, safe ways to rid the stubborn fat. It’s not only reliable. It’s also money saving. Here’s what you need to know about stubborn fat.

Some notes about stubborn fat:

1. Getting to Know Stubborn Fat:

Stubborn fat is a tissue composed of fat that has slow metabolism. Unlike other fat tissue, stubborn fat has a lesser ratio of alpha-receptors to beta-receptors. This explains why it metabolizes slowly since beta-receptors are more active compared to alpha-receptors in binding with adrenal hormones in the process of burning fat. In short, stubborn fat does no give much response to adrenal hormones.

Moreover, stubborn fat has a great amount of estrogen receptors present in tissues. This stimulates fat gain to a greater extent since binding estrogen with the other receptors hastens fat gain.

Furthermore, there is absence of a sound blood circulation in stubborn fat. With lesser blood vessels present compared to a regular fat tissue, stubborn fat is slow to metabolize and hard to remove.

2. Causes of stubborn fat:

There could be a number of causes. First, it could be due to an unhealthy diet. Second, the liver is unable to collapse and detoxify estrogenic offshoots. Third, it could be because one is sensitive to some food or chemicals that are present on it. And fourth, it could be age-related.

An unhealthy diet means that you’re not eating right, causing you to overeat certain types of foods or to get deficient in certain nutrients. Eating too much carbohydrates cause the overproducing of insulin in the pancreas leading the body to convert extra carbohydrates to fat.

And if you’re not eating right that you’re not getting enough protein, vitamins such as Vitamin B and nutrients such as magnesium, zinc, chromium and Omega 3 fatty acids, you are most likely to get insensitive to insulin and again, this compromises fat metabolism.

For men, stubborn fat could be associated with age especially men. This is because as a man gets older, his testosterone is more likely to be converted to estrogen.

3. Prevention of stubborn fat:

1. Careful in dieting. Don’t rush in losing fat so you’d gain it again later on.
2. Consume organic food to avoid estrogenic derivatives.
3. Don’t eat food you are allergic or sensitive to.
4 Don’t drink water directly from the tap. Make sure water is filtered.
5. Lessen the consumption of alcohol.
6. Check your insulin level.
7. Exercise regularly.

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Top Facts About Stubborn Fat
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