To Lose Weight Safely Walk

Many people think that walking 30 minutes a day will lose weight quickly, but not completely simple as that. There will be many rules you need to know to be able to effectively lose weight by walking.

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The walk is good for the digestive system, helps the metabolism go faster and will certainly be very effective

Results for those wanting to lose weight if you know the right way to practice.

A lot of you said that all activities of the body moves are seen as ways to walk to lose weight, but this is completely wrong notion. In fact, walking has several types: campaigned hands legs, go to help the body supple, go to heal … And it’s important to walk to improve your endurance other muscles to walk to burn fat weight loss. So how exactly apply new methods lose weight by walking?

1. Be prepared to do?

For those who are too overweight, when he started to walk up the gentle movement and regularly for proper body.

Comfort slowly. You should be prepared to fit a pair of shoes to walk and a simple outfit, with permeability

High sweat, pleasant and comfortable.
Next, draw a few lines near the house or the park and start slowly then increase way up. And the most important thing is that you choose for themselves a very durable shoes, with the herd positive and should fit your feet again. You should also remember not to wear tight clothes, it will cause the joints restrictive, limiting movement and lead to painful swelling.

2. The method of walking to lose weight the right way how new?

Walking the right way is to create a natural step so that the soles of the feet are not bumps down the land. The first place to the ground heel first and then the toe. People move forward under the horizontal, one leg to the other leg new steps to prepare to leave the ground and always have a leg to save their central body balance in between.

Otherwise, according to the researchers, slow walk can help the body burn more calories than going fast
(Calculated on the same distance) and reducing the risk of arthritis as well as reduced trauma to the joints than.

3. Walk in how long the weight loss?

According to calculations of scientists, on average, 25 minutes walking, you can burn about 250
Calories. Based on that number, you can calculate your time to be taken to be burned
Excess calories of the body in order to reach your weight loss goals necessary. Walking about 30 minutes each breakfast to lose weight effectively.

4. So how far to walk?

You should walk at least 4.8 – 6.4 km per day. If the average 5-6 km walk for 60 minutes will help increase the calories burned from physical activity. Distance of 7-8 km per day will do part increase the effectiveness of your weight-loss campaign.

You also need not hasty to go out a long way, so intermittent and have time to corn
foot relaxation, breathing more regularly, so make your weight loss more effectively.

5. Who should not use methods to lose weight by walking?

– People with osteoarthritis disorders: arthralgia, arthritis, polyarthritis.
– The patient has recovered from injury: medial ligament, cartilage injuries, sprains, dislocations, cracks or
New fractures remove the powder.
– People with vascular diseases such as varicose veins of the lower extremities, artery inflammation – veins of the leg.
– In addition, those with nephrotic syndrome, renal failure, right heart failure, cirrhosis and ascites should not weight loss methods implemented by walking.

Nick Carter

To Lose Weight Safely Walk
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  1. Your tips are good. But you can add more thinks such as going to GYM. But i have an opinion about gym. people of general life leading can not always get much time to go to a gym. In that case they can buy some advanced gymnastic item such as Exercise Bikes.

  2. Great article! It really helps me to lose weight. it is just easy way before I get used to sitting after finish my work but after following your walk at home starting with 1 mile and then 2 miles and finally the 4 miles, I start to be motivated to work out every day. I start to lose weight which is good. Walking a weight loss very helpful always to lose weight.

    thank you again

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