Tips To Lose Excess Fat Around The Waist In 1 Week

Here are some simple but extremely effective tips to reduce belly fat fast in a week for all:

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1. Reduce carbohydrate, increase protein:

Hi, There is a great question: How to lose weight in a week or How to lose excess fat around the waist in 1 week. Yes, after read this article, you will have many weight loss tips.

You need to remove from your diet such types of food as cake, cookie, candy, soda, fruit juice, white bread, pasta, potato, sugary breakfast cereals, and anything with corn sauce which contains high fructose, such as spaghetti sauce.

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All these foods contain rapidly absorbed carbohydrate. They make your blood sugar increase abruptly, stimulate appetite and result in fat which is often amassed in the abdomen.

Numerous studies have proved that restricting carbohydrate helps burn body fat. If you are not sure about a product, just check the list of ingredients: Omit those sugary foods often listed as sucrose, corn syrup with high fructose content, or cane syrup and starch.

Fiber combined with other foods can help remove calories from the body. In addition, it slows down the speed of digestion and thus helps you feel full longer and reduce cravings, especially cravings for sugary foods.

Besides fiber, you should eat some protein and fat in each meal because fat makes you feel full and reduce appetite quickly. It makes the flavor of the food more discernable and makes you feel like you have eaten too much of something.

2. Eat four hours before bed:

Tips to lose excess fat around the waist in 1 week

It sounds like contrary to science; however, medical specialists suggest that you should have dinner before going to sleep at least four hours. Only after this time period was the body able to work and consume all of the energy provided by the food and consequently, reduce the excess fat in the body.

3. Add Calcium:

Scientists have shown that the human body has three types of fat: subcutaneous fat, blood fat and omental fat. Supplementing calcium at bedtime facilitates the solution of omental fat while sleeping.
It should be noted that the milk is rich in calcium, but it also contains a large amount of neutral lipids which can decelerate the metabolism, therefore, do not use milk to supplement calcium.

4. Sleeping on your front:

At night, as a result of the inactivity, lying supine makes the entire amount of food in the stomach stay still and is not burned for energy and thus produces excess fat accumulation in the abdomen.
On the contrary, when lying prostrate, the pressure from your back will affect the food; while simultaneously prevent fat from accumulating in the abdomen.

The result is that you will sleep all night without worrying about any excess fat deposited in the abdominal area.

So, with these advising, you can to lose weight in a week or nearer!

Nick Carter

Tips To Lose Excess Fat Around The Waist In 1 Week
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