Tips on Counting Calories to Lose Weight

There are many good reasons to count calories. Losing weight is the number one reason why people count the calories they eat throughout the day.

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Know what you are eating :

Always know how many calories are in what you are eating. If you eat out at a restaurant, check their website to see how many calories are in the food you are going to order before you go. You could plan what you are going to order at restaurant by looking at their menu and calories statistics online first.
Keep a journal:

Dedicate a journal just to your food. You may write in a daily journal, but you need to have a separate journal for your food. Keeping track of calories is a lot easier when you write it down. Studies have shown that writing down what you eat keeps you on track on your diet much better than not writing it down. It’s also just common sense so that you can remember what you have eaten throughout the day. Take your journal everywhere with you. Take it to work and out to eat, so that you can record what you are eating, when you eat it.
Drink your water:

Do not forget to hydrate your body. Drinking water makes you feel fuller longer and helps keep your metabolism up. You are supposed to drink eight, 8oz. glasses of water a day. Be sure to record this in your journal also.
Eat fruits and vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables are very low in calories and make you feel full longer. Eating them can help curb cravings and lessen your appetite.
Calculate the calories you should intake:

In order to lose weight you should only take in a certain amount of calories throughout the day. Search the internet and read books on how to find out how many calories you should eat throughout the day. Most people should only eat between 1300 and 1800 calories a day to lose weight. This is based on how tall you are, how active you are, and how much you weigh. There are calculators online that can help you figure out how many calories to intake in a day.

It is good for anyone to exercise. The more you exercise, the less you have to worry about counting calories, because you will be able to eat more. Even if you only walk for 30 minutes a day, it can help. If you do a high pace cardio workout three times a week this will tremendously help with the amount of calories you can eat and still be able to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.
Calorie counting is the most effective way to lose weight and should be practiced. Use these tips to help you start losing weight today!

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Tips on Counting Calories to Lose Weight
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