Three Big Things to Avoid when Losing Weight

Losing weight is a long process, and when you eat the wrong things, it could cause panics.

People should only drink water and fat free milk, and they should only eat low-calorie foods throughout the day. With so many foods that you can’t eat, it is hard to only eat what is right for you. People, who have never been on a diet before, usually start giving up within the second week and eat everything in sight. This is called binging and this could cause the person to have a huge gain in weight. In this article, we’re going to list 3 things that you should always stay away from while trying to lose weight.



Anything that has a large amount of sugar in them should be a big no-no. In a package of Reese’s Peanut Butter cups, there are 110 calories in each cup, and those are small! In a brownie about as big as your palm, there are over 400 calories! A Piece of cake could range from 300-600 calories and causes weight gain like crazy. Remember that many sweets and desserts contain a lot of calories, and to try and stay away from them at all costs! It is hard, when first going on a diet, to resist eating things like this. After denying the food the first few times, it becomes a habit. That habit becomes a lifestyle, and that lifestyle is a healthier lifestyle than when you used to eat junk like this.

Fast Food


Never eat anything from a fast food restaurant. These foods contain so many hidden calories, it is unbelievable. In a single $1 cheeseburger from McDonald’s, there are over 400 calories! Those cheeseburgers are so little too! In a Large order of french fries, there are over 500 calories. If you haven’t eaten all day, you can still eat the little things from these places. We recommend going to Wendy’s and buying 1 small order of chicken nuggets. This is less than 200 calories and will keep you full. This is only if you haven’t eaten all day. If there is food at home, don’t even bother going to a fast food place if you want to keep your weight loss process going.

Anything from a Chinese Buffet


Chinese Buffets are so much worse than fast food places. All the foods on each table is usually deep fried, and contain huge amounts of saturated fat. People who are on diets usually give up and start pigging out on everything they see. This is one of the best ways to fail a diet. If your family ends up going to a Chinese Buffet, and you’re invited, you can still go, but just remember to eat as little as possible. Eat slowly, and when your hunger stops, stop eating completely. It is hard, but it saves your weight loss process.

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We hope this article helped out! Losing weight is a lengthy process, and after losing the weight, it is difficult to keep it off. Hopefully this article helped people out. We hope you go out and make the right choices!

Nick Carter

Three Big Things to Avoid when Losing Weight
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