The nine foods you can use to lose weight daily

Wow! The joy of losing weight. Well, if only we could do it faster. There are many more quick weight loss topics discussed at But for now, we will touch on one very important but very popular weight loss issue: The ten foods that will help you lose weight this very day.

1. Water.


Well ok this is not a food. It’s a liquid, but it’s importance in our fight to drop the pounds and keep them off just can’t be stressed enough. Water keeps us energized and it helps our liver to keep on burning fat. One cup a day just won’t do. Instead you need the eight glasses that you hear people recommending. If you find that it’s hard to get into the habit of downing this many glasses, try to make little changes in your life. You may want to invest in an attractive water bottle that you like to carry with you. You may also want to consider putting ice cold water in an appealing looking pitcher in your refrigerator. You’d be surprised how much a difference these little changes can make. You’ll find yourself wanting to drink out of that nice looking water bottle or pitcher and before you know it, you’ll be drinking more water than you ever did before.

These help you to feel fuller for a longer period of time. It’s one of the 9 foods to eat to lose weight that most people have for breakfast. However, some people miss out on this filling food by munching on cereal instead. Eggs aren’t all cholesterol and yolk. Surprise. They can actually help you lose that fat.

2. Beans.
These contain cholecystokinin. It’s a digestive hormone that naturally suppresses the appetite.

 3. Soup.
And it doesn’t have to be the hearty kind either. Any soup will do, even the old chicken noodle. Researchers think that our brains see soup as filling and therefore satisfying.

4. Grapefruit.
This fruit contains phytochemicals which may help your body convert more calories to energy.

5. Nuts.
These can often contain a lot of calories. However, studies have shown that those who munch on nuts for a snack tend to be skinnier than people who do not.

6. Cereal that is high in fiber.
Be sure to check the labels on the cereal before you buy it. Some brands like Kashi and Fiber One are known to have a lot of fiber in them. However you can’t be too diligent in your checking of labels. High fiber cereal was shown to keep participants in a study fuller for a longer period of time. When they were sent out to a buffet, they ate less food than participants who did not eat the high fiber cereal.

7. Tofu.
Packed with protein, studies showed this food kept people full and satisfied.

8. Pears.
Can you believe these have more fiber than apples? Wow! And everyone knows fiber is super filling. It’s just one of the 10 foods to eat to lose weight that went under the radar.

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9. Lean Beef.
Sometimes it’s not all about the calories. Studies showed that women who ate the same amount of calories as another group of women lost more weight and fat because they consumed more protein than the other group.

Well that just goes to show you that you can lose weight today if you know what to eat. Now if you want to know what not to eat, read Foods that make you fat! This is information you really need to know.

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The nine foods you can use to lose weight daily
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