The Losers Determined Way to Losing Weight

How many times have you said to yourself that you want to lose weight, yet you seem to be stuck in this same invisible bubble that you believe you never can escape? Well you are in fact putting yourself in that bubble and sometimes you don’t even realise, and when you do, do you ignore the fact? so you can continue to be stuck in the same ignorant bubble.

Now I am no Simon Cowell of the fitness world but if I were I would ask you the simple question, do you really want to be slim or do you want to be healthy. All the so called ‘glamour models’ you see on television, the internet and in magazines, do not portray an accurate account of the balance of healthiness and slimness.


Some have the strange illusion that being stick thin like the models is a good thing to become, I myself being a man can say to you this is a highly ignorant way to think, how many of you girls (and I say girls as this is targeted to you) , have asked a guy what they think of models?

I am sure 99% of the men asked will say something in the region of ‘I like a little meat on my girl’. I don’t wish to be harsh but if men loved stick thin women so much, would we not all move over to Africa.

Now as I hope you have come to agree, the way is not to become stick thin and unhealthy but to become slim to a healthy standard, so what are the ways in which to start losing the weight in a healthy step by step way. Well there are many such ways in which we will outline below.

Firstly obviously exercise – I would suggest to literally do exercise, in other words do not use these quick fix sit and forget body toners on offer, is that not just passing the laziness from one aspect of your life to another, so literal exercise is what is needed. Try to walk twice a day slowly increasing the length of your walk, always keeping a set challenge for you to overcome.


Some other methods of exercise include:

– Gardening

– Taking up sport classes

– Do a weekly swim

– If at home for most of the time – do volunteer work

– Go to a local gym

– Do shorter but more intense workouts more often

– Help Charities and train for marathons

These are only a few suggestions, there are literally millions of ways to lose weight find a way that fits in with your daily schedule and stick to it.

Eat Fresh Fruit instead of biscuits, sweets and other processed foods, cut out some red meat from your diet, do not eat fried foods especially from fast food organisations, take a close look at what you are drinking – is it truly helpful to your healthy diet or is it hindering it, keep a food diary and make a weekly resolution to help you, cut down on alcoholic beverages and go for diet or lighter versions with less calories, so your not defying yourself a treat.

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Remember to treat yourself occasionally though, it’s like with animals if they are good and then you will reward them for doing good, monitor in your diary how well you have been doing and if it has been a very good week, give yourself a treat – if not then that week you have not earned the treat, and don’t get stressed about dieting, comfort eating can lead to the end of your diet.

Nick Carter

The Losers Determined Way to Losing Weight
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