Lemon Peels And Weight Loss: The Little-Known Effects

There are various types of lemon juice that you can drink every day to reduce belly fat, and we often use lemon flesh and get rid of its peel. However, according to eastern medicine experts, the lemon peel can cure many diseases with strong antidotal effects.

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Do you know about benefits of lemon juice and lemon peels?

1. You can use lemon to lose weight:

Many people only know the benefits of lemon juice to health without realizing the advantages of lemon peels. And, they have not known the relationship between lemon juice and weight loss. Yes, we can use lemon juice for our weight loss plan.

2. Lemon peels and cancer:

The researchers also believe that there are about 22 anti-cancer substances in lemon peels such as limonene, citrus pectin, glycosides flavonol and vitamin C. Recently, a group of Australian scientists have researched and discovered that the levels of antioxidant compounds and oils found in lemon peels are high enough to fight cancer.

According to Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization of Australia (CSIRO). A lemon can prevent cancers by up to 50%.

The organization recommends that we take at least 150 gram of citrus peel a week to prevent cancer. So they advise to store lemon in frozen condition to maintain the antioxidants and essential oils as well as to use it more conveniently.

According to experts, lemon peel includes essential enzymes, vitamins, minerals, vitamin C, vitamin P, calcium, potassium, fiber, and limonene, etc. Lemon peel is said to be useful for prevention of problems with the heart, acne and cholesterol.

Regarding the medicinal effect of lemon peel, books on the curative effect of herbal show that lemon peel can cure hundreds of diseases like tumors, tuberculosis, blood pressure, thyroid and arthritis.

According to Doctor Fred Brown, people suffered from tuberculosis can drink lemon peel with Euphorbia, whose scientific name is Pouzolzia Zeylanica (L) Benn. (Pouzolzia indica Gaud). When taking the medicine, patients must have a lot of rest.

Lose weight effectively and easily with lemon peels

The daily dose is 50 pieces of fresh lemon peel and 40 euphorbia leaves, boil for 15 minutes (do not cook long to avoid vaporing of substances). After boiling for 10-15 minutes, let it cool off and then drink. For dried lemon peel, use 80-90 pieces instead due to loss of substances. Drink for 01 months and then the disease will be cured totally.

3. The advantages of lemon peels with Lungs and Kidneys:

Lungs have water, kidneys also have water, and therefore drinking lemon peel can cure the disease very quickly. Have 80-100 pieces of fresh or 120-160 dry lemon zests daily. Boil the peels for 10 minutes then cool it off. Drink until the disease is cured.

Patients with fat covering the heart and liver should drink fewer, only 30 pieces of fresh peels and 50 pieces of dry peels per day. Prolong the time until the disease is gone. For hyperlipidemia, the daily intake should be 25 pieces of fresh or 40 pieces of dry lemon peel, drink until the disease is cured.

To cure gastritis, have 40-50 pieces of fresh or 80-100 pieces of dry peels per day in 04 days.

There is no such a medicine that can stop malaria fever within 5 minutes as lemon peel. As with malaria, drinking lemon peel can stop the malaria fever after just 5 minutes.

4. Additionally, lemon peel can also cure hypertension, prostatitis, urolithiasis (kidney stones), gall, biliary inflammation, prickly spine, knee and wrist arthritis, stomach ulcers, toothache, arthritis and scabies

Hepatitis and inflammation that make patient unable to open the mouth or any kind of inflammation will be cured by lemon peel due to lemon peel’s strongest antidotal effect.

Tingling pain in the head will be stopped by 50 pieces of fresh or 80-100 pieces of dry lemon zest cooked with water. Drink within two days. Normally, the symptoms of pain in the body signals the inflammation, (inflammation is the blood flow stagnation causing swollen congestion)

Those who had surgery for cervical fibroids or ovarian cysts face a very high risk of cancer. These patients need to drink lemon peels on a long-term basis, with 10-20 (pieces) each day and drink during the whole life. They should absolutely avoid barbecue since it can cause cancer. All wounds in the body in case of insoluble blood bruises will become cancer. Then drinking lemon peel is the best method.

According to a research by Master Dave Trott, lemon peel has a lot of uses. But the dosage used is also very important. “The using of dried or fresh lemon peel daily is very good and has sound scientific basis. However, there are two points to be noted.

 Firstly, there must be a reasonable dose, do not use too high doses, typically from 10-20 grams is sufficient. 

 Secondly, lemon peels need to be soaked and washed well before slicing and drying to avoid pesticides or other chemicals that are harmful to the body. 

In addition:

With these simple recipes from lemon peels, weight loss is no longer a permanent concern of the chubby girls. Let try the following formula!

Wow, Fastest ways to reduce belly fat in 1 week with lemon

Being overweight not only makes you lose confidence in communication but also causes a lot of risks to your health such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, stroke and rapid aging. If you are struggling to find a fast and safe weight loss method, try this “glass of magic water” from lemon peel and see the surprising results!

* Ingredients:

– 5 lemons

– 250 ml of water.

* Process:

– Cleanse the lemon, then slice into halves, squeeze out the water. You will just need the lemon peels for this formula; therefore, you can take advantage of lemon after making lemon juice or sauces for meals.

– Boil 8-10 fresh lemon peels with water in a pot. Keep a low temperature for about 10 minutes for the nutrients excreted from the lemon peels. Then, the lemon peels will turn brown.

– After that,  turn off the heat, let the mixture cool down and drink 1 cup 30-60 minutes (60 minutes is best) before going to bed. You may find it a little hard to drink initially due to the slightly bitter taste. But after 1 or 2 times, you will be familiar and feel easier to drink.

– After drinking, you can eat 1 or 1/2 apple to combine with the effect of dispersing fat from this fruit.

– Drink this mixture every day, after 5-7 days, you will notice your waistline and weight decreases rapidly. You will reduce 5 to even 7 kilos in just 1 week. Moreover, this drink also helps purify and detoxify your body and is very safe for your stomach.

You Should:

Of course, in order to increase the weight loss effectiveness. Besides drinking this water, do not forget to exercise every day. Have a proper diet by limiting sweets and carbonated beverages. Avoid staying up late as well as eat more vegetables.
Wish you to have successful weight loss with this method!

Lemon Peels And Weight Loss: The Little-Known Effects
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  1. I am a gym addict and I love lemon water but never thought that Lemon peels can also utilize for health purpose. Thanks for sharing great information.

  2. The recipe I used said to wash 3organiclemons cut in half squeeze the juice out of them and set the juice aside also put the rines aside boil l liter of water then add the rines I put all the rines in the boiling water for 10 minutes seemed like a lot of rine, then let it cool took rines out and poured juice in a bottle, What do you do with the juice you squeezes from the lemons,? It didn’t make very much. Can you add a sweetener to it or more water ?

  3. Hi..I m shakira..
    I m suffering from thyroid from last 10yrs and I m Hbsag pos+ from last 17yrs…but my general health is good..b4 my weight was 85kg but now
    I reduced my 3kg weight by drinking lemon peel juice in one week actually I was drinking 3 times a day.. I want to reduce my weight in a faster way… so, plz say me a suitable tips by my health condition…
    Plz reply to my comment..
    I will be waiting for ur text…
    Thank you…

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  5. 250 ml water is total.after making how to use one. Cup is before bed balance cup how to use

  6. Is there any health problem related to this drink? Bcz i heared that it produce uric acid in some people after drinking this water….so plz tell me

  7. Do I eat any solid food in those 7 days while taking the lemon peel water ? Or do I only survive on the lemon peel water for the 7 days? Kindly let me know.
    Thank you

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