Sleep less is also a cause of being overweight

Obesity experts often advise people who want to lose weight should have much sleep. People often think that people having plenty of sleep is more prone to getting fat.

But in fact, sleep time is inversely proportional to your weight, meaning that if you have insomnia, you will be more prone to weight gain than people who get enough sleep. So, how to lose weight fast, you should read some these information!

Sleep less is also a cause of being overweight:

1. Insomnia accompanied by hunger:

Many scientific studies on people with insomnia show that this condition increases the amount of the hormone ghrelin (which stimulates appetite) to a much higher than those who slept 8 hours.

They also tend to eat more sweets and starches such as candy or noodles, rice in the nights of insomnia. Conversely, during sleep, the body will release a hormone that reduces appetite. So when you wake up in the middle of the night. This secretion was interrupted, leaving you feeling hungry and cannot go back to sleep without eating something.

It is clear that eating at night is the fastest way to gain weight because the body is easy to accumulate fat at this time.

2. Insomnia leads to more fat accumulation:

Yes, Fastest way to lose weight is staying up too late. Oh no, when you are in deep sleep, a chemical called leptin is released to inform the nervous system that your body has accumulated enough fat and the process will be stopped. Lack of sleep will make this substance decline, triggering the appetite uncontrollably and thus body fat is constantly accumulated.

Moreover, frequent insomnia also adversely affects the operation of the excess calorie burning hormones in your body. An experiment conducted by American scientists on 500 people aged 27 to 40 within 13 years found that those who gained weight most often sleep less than 6 hours a night.

The average sleep time of women’s participation in the study fell from 7.7 hours to 7.3 hours and from 7.1 hours to 6.9 hours for men.

For 13 years, their average weight gain is 2,17kg. There are many reasons to explain this situation. This is partly because the longer awake time results in the likelihood to eat more. It is also because the lack of sleep has changed both the biological clock of the body as well as the natural biochemical systems of the body.

In each of us there are a lot of chemicals and hormones controlling appetite and weight gain, and they are very susceptible to change the sleep time, decrease even with only 1 or 2 hours less sleep than normal.

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3. The more obese you are, the harder you fall to sleep:

There is a vicious circle like this: The insomnia will be overweight, and the overweight, will find sleep more difficult. Therefore, scientists have confirmed that the body weight is proportional to the risk of arrhythmias and suffocation while sleeping. Obese people are more prone to sleep apnea because the sagging throat muscles impede the air circulation.

Therefore, they have to wake up a few seconds to breathe, go back to sleep, and then wake up again. This process is repeated throughout the night, preventing the patient from sleeping deeply. Not to mention the fat people are more prone to other sleep disorders causing them to wake up many times during the night.

4. How to lose weight fast, get enough of sleep:

Obesity experts often advise people who want to lose weight to sleep more, in addition to diet and exercise properly at regular intervals. Since people who sleep less than 4 hours a night have 73% higher risk of obesity compared to those who slept between 7 and 9 hours.

Similarly, the average sleeping time is 5 hours, the risk increases by 50%, but for 6 hours, the risk drops by 23%. Another truth is that everyone has different needs regarding sleep time. Many just need 6 hours a day to be sober, others requires 9 hours of sleep, some can break the sleep time into several naps throughout the day, while others just cannot nap.

Either way, what you need to do is to meet the sleeping needs of your body, do not resist the sleepiness except in cases of urgency.

If you sleep less than natural needs, you will face many dangers.

The insomnia often feel tired, forgetfulness, loss of creation at work, and even worse resulting to traffic accidents.

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Sleep less is also a cause of being overweight
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