Six weird habits to lose weight successfully

After giving birth to a child, a woman often gains weight quickly, especially in abdominal area. Want to know how to take back the perfect shape after childbirth? Take a look at the following interesting article.

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Some weird habits to lose weight:

1. Eat in front of a mirror:
Six weird habits to lose weight successfully

By eating in front of the mirror, you will take control of the food consumption. According to a research by Arizona State University and Erasmus of Rotterdam, watching ourselves eating in the mirror will make us automatically consume less food. Experts divided the participants into 2 separate groups and drew the conclusion that people who ate before the mirror ate less food than those eating normally. The reason is very simple: look at you in the mirror eating voraciously; you will restrain yourself and eat less.

2. Smell the scent of vanilla:
Six weird habits to lose weight successfully

According to some studies, the smell of vanilla helps people mitigate the craving for sweets. They conducted an experiment by sticking a sticker with vanilla smell on the hands of the participants. The result was surprisingly effective as for some time afterwards the experimented participants ate less sugary food. If you are followers of vanilla, don’t hesitate to light a vanilla candle or use vanilla spray for your bedroom to relieve the appetite for sweets as well as support the process of losing weight.

3. Eat in small bowls:
Six weird habits to lose weight successfully

To control the amount of food intake, you should only eat those tiny cakes. Brian Wansink, director of food and trademark laboratory of Cornell University, conducted a study by holding a cream buffet where a group of people ate ice cream in large bowl containing about 450 to 950 grams of cream and the other group used bowls containing only about 2 to 3 tablespoons. Research shows that small bowl users will feed the cravings much faster. Therefore, this is a good trick that mothers should apply.

4. Decorate the kitchen in blue:
Six weird habits to lose weight successfully

Blue is the ideal color for the kitchen of mothers who plan to lose weight. Unlike such colors as red and orange, blue helps inhibit appetite (this is also the reason why restaurants often use warm colors). In addition, green is shown to have similar effects. In order for your cravings to be alleviated, furnish the kitchen with blue or green color. A little green on the tablecloth is also an effective option.

5. Eat spicy food:
Six weird habits to lose weight successfully

Scientists have proven that when consumed in food, spicy substance will make the metabolism cycle revolve, making the feeder feel full longer and eat less during the next meal. The researchers conducted a survey in which a half teaspoon of paprika was added into a bowl of soup, participants eating this bowl of soup ate 60 less calories at the next meal than those who did not eat spicy soup.

6. Sleeping in cold rooms:
Six weird habits to lose weight successfully

Rising temperature is the cause of slowing down the process of natural calorie burning in human body. Research has shown that human body has the ability to stabilize body temperature by boosting its calorie burning. It will be better to sleep in a cold room, as this is a great way to force your body to burn fat to warm the room up for hours.

Wish moms with successful weight loss!

Nick Carter

Six weird habits to lose weight successfully
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