Seven Tips To Help Obese Children Lose Weight Healthily

Nutrition experts recommend that parents of obese children should pay more attention to control the eating habits and activities of their children to guide them towards healthy choices and help them lose weight more effectively.

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As you may know, the rate of childhood obesity is on the rise, causing a host of health problems. In fact, the ability of parents to control the child’s obesity is usually not effective, stemming from a variety of causes. Here are some advices given to parents by the CEO of the Obesity Prevention Australia Inc. about how to take care of the overweight children to let them grow up healthily and actively and avoid obesity in modern living conditions nowadays.

1. Become a model:

Seven tips to help obese children lose weight healthily

Parents are the first examples that young children learn to follow. If you want to prevent your child from being obese or to lose weight successfully, remember to check all your habits and their potential impact on your kids. Always pay heed to eating more vegetables, and don’t forget to tell your kids about the smell and taste of the dish. This way shows slow effectiveness but will work in the long run, just like “little rain lays great dust”.

2. Know how to control the amount of food in the family:

Parents have always had direct impact on the food choice for children (especially in their early years). Are the snacks and soft drinks in the house for you or for your kids? You let your children eat comfortably, thinking that it is not a big problem? These misperceptions of parents about nutrition can make the child difficult to correct bad habits in eating and choosing food.

So you need to make a detailed meal plan for the whole family, including the control of portion and food type for each different person in the house.

3. Develop healthy eating habits for children right from the early stages of life:

Seven tips to help obese children lose weight healthily

If you let children eat freely during their first 10 years of life, making adjustments to their eating habits and activities afterwards will be extremely difficult. The best way is to start focusing immediately on fostering good habits for children when they are still very small, ideally at weaning age.

4. Regularly eating with the whole family:

Seven tips to help obese children lose weight healthily

A recent study result shows that children and adolescents who regularly share meals with their family at least three times per week almost suffer from less obesity, eat more healthy foods and face with fewer diseases related to eating problems.

5. Do not watch TV while eating:

One of the causes of obesity in children is the habit of watching TV while eating. For example if children often eat sugary foods while watching television, they will think of food as a reward for watching television. Once this habit is established, each time watching television, your child will find something sweet to put into his or her mouth.

6. Let children have the opportunities to choose food:

Allow children to choose healthy foods. By delegate the decision to your child, you will demonstrate the respect, love and empathy you have for him or her. Children tend to love to learn new things if they know they are not forced to do so.

7. Active support for healthy eating habits:

Seven tips to help obese children lose weight healthily

Children love to be encouraged, supported and praised for what they do well. Therefore, they will not like such orders as “Don’t stand up until you finish the vegetables in bowl”. Besides, using the child’s favorite sweets as prizes for eating healthy foods is also not recommended.

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Seven Tips To Help Obese Children Lose Weight Healthily
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