Secrets To Reduce Belly Fat For All Women


Simple and easy to implement, these tips will help you quickly own a slender weight and a flat stomach as well as regain your physical beauty and confidence. So, what are the tips for women to reduce belly fat?

Busy working schedule makes most of your time and prevent you from performing the exercises to reduce abdominal fat, getting you to live with the not so slender waist? You can set your mind at rest now! The following tips will help you get rid of belly fat, quickly slim down your waist and flatten your belly, regain their confidence, and particularly this sharing is suitable for busy people into the bargain.

Some tips to reduce belly fat:

1. Breathe in the right way:

Proper breathing is one of the effective tips for losing belly fat.

Secrets to eliminate belly fat

The proper breathing method is as followed: First, exhale and stretch the distance from neck to the bottom of the pelvis. Paying regular attention to breathing method will help the abdominal muscles become tightened. It is also recommended that you keep a straight upright posture while breathing.

2. Drinking coriander and fennel seed tea:

Drinking coriander and fennel seed tea is a great way for you to lose your belly fat.

Secrets to eliminate belly fat


  • Put one teaspoon of fennel seeds, one teaspoon of coriander seed in a jar and shake well.
  • Then scoop 1 teaspoon of the shaken mixture and pour into a cup of hot water.
  • Let it there for 10 minutes and filter the water for drinking.

Coriander and fennel seed tea is effective in avoiding bloating and supporting the performance of digestive system as well as preventing fat accumulation.

3. Eat more vegetables:

Secrets to eliminate belly fat

Putting more vegetables in the daily diet is something you can hardly skip if you want to have a flat stomach. The reason for this is that vegetables contain large amounts of fiber, minerals and vitamins. Fiber in vegetables helps accelerate the toxic excretion from the body. You can make soup vegetables (be careful not to overheat), drink vegetable juice, or pickle (pickled vegetables contain enzymes and beneficial bacteria to the intestinal system)

4. Supplement food containing probiotics bacteria beneficial for your gut:

Secrets to eliminate belly fat

Guts shelter billions of bacteria essential for digestion. When you are stressed or have immune system disorders or antibiotics. The bacteria count would be reduced or imbalanced and thus cause digestive disorders, bloating, etc. Therefore, the addition of regular probiotics will help increase the beneficial bacteria to the intestinal tract.

You can eat yogurt, fermented liquid milk, lactic fermentation products and soy milk, etc. to supplement the bacteria.

5. Reduce salt:

Reducing salt in the daily diet will help reduce edema which causes your waist to be larger.

6. Keep your mind relaxed and comfortable:

Secrets to reduce belly fat

Mental factors also play an important role in achieving the objectives of getting a flat stomach and a slim waist. You need to keep your psychology comfortable, cheerful and optimistic. If you are frequently under stress, the body will make a hormone overproduction of cortisol which increases belly fat.

7. Jump rope:

Secrets to reduce belly fat

Jumping rope is a weight loss exercise that is quite simple and easy. Spend 15-20 minutes a day practicing jumping rope will help the body burn a large number of calories, especially abdominal fat.

Here are ways to reduce belly fat fast and effectively, apply it regularly and owning a flat stomach and a slim waist is no longer difficult for you.

Wish you with successful weight loss!

Nick Carter

Secrets To Reduce Belly Fat For All Women
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