Secrets to lose weight after pregnancy properly

Losing weight to get in shape is something that mothers should do. However, if the postpartum weight loss takes place too early or too fast. It will cause the mother to meet with various health problems. In this post, we will introduce some secrets to lose weight after pregnancy.

Secrets to lose weight after pregnancy properly for new moms:

Don’t be on a too rigid diet:

During the period right after the baby was born. The mother should feed up, eat enough nutrients to produce the best milk for the newborn. Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for infants in the first 6 months of life.

Therefore, the mother who wants to follow weight loss diet should do it 6 months from giving birth. Following a strict regime too early may lead to insufficient milk supply for the child or even clogged milk ducts.

Mothers can have peace of mind when dieting after the baby gets through the weaning period (after 6 months). As at this period breast milk is no longer the sole source of food for the child. You should add vegetables such as sweet potato buds, jute, sauropus androgynus, gourds and squashes into your diet.

At the same time, should add protein from meat, fish, eggs, milk, etc. which also plays an important role in providing energy to the body. You can eat in comfort, however, ought to process food by means of boiling and steaming in order not to gain weight. Limit your intake of carbohydrates, only half a cup of rice for each meal.

Drink plenty of water, especially teas such as green tea since these drinks provide great help in “eliminating” fat and increasing lactation for breastfeeding mothers. Drink warm water to lose weight more effectively.

Avoid exercising too soon:
Secrets to lose weight after childbirth properly

After birth, your body needs time to recover as well as get enough milk to breastfeed. So you should rest and take good care of yourself and the baby. Therefore, postpartum mothers should abstain from rigorous activities like running, bending or leaning

A lot of mothers worry so much about their oversize bodies that they hastily engage in exercises such as weight loss workouts, sports and running, resulting in such severe consequences traumatic osteoarthritis, fatigue and stress. Those who undergo caesarean section are vulnerable to cracking, bleeding and infection.

The reasonable time till exercising to lose weight for women after cesarean delivery is 4 to 6 months and usually 6-8 weeks after natural birth. However, this is merely the timeline suitable for implementation of gentle weight loss exercises; You still should avoid heavy physical exercises and overtraining and gradually raise the intensity and time to practice later on.

Do not use the functional food of unknown origin:
Secrets to lose weight after childbirth properly

Due to the desire to lose weight quickly, numerous mothers often use functional foods to lose weight. However, doctors recommend that women should use functional foods at least 8 months after birth.

Weight loss supplements of unknown origin or without the guidance of a doctor can, after a period of abusive use, result in mental deterioration, fatigue, exhaustion, stomach pain and blood pressure problems, increased risk of heart disease, stroke, headache, abdominal pain, constipation and flatulence.

They can also cause anorexia and fatigue and affect milk quality as well as the health of the breastfed child.

For postpartum weight loss to be effective, you need to adopt a scientific diet with regular exercise routine. Especially if using supplements, you should wait until 8 months after birth, get advices from doctors and only buy them at reliable places to lose weight safely and effectively.
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Secrets to lose weight after pregnancy properly
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