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When you access the website to use our application or to interact with the tools, devices, and other supplements related to UPS, we are able to collect some certain information through automatic modality like cookies and web beacon.

The collected information consists of the IP address, the identification of the only device, the attributes of browser, the device’s attribute, the operator system, language use, URL reference, the activities you have done, date and time. “Cookie” is a text file which the webs send to your computer or other devices connected to the internet in order to recognize your only browser, to store the information, or to install on your browser.

“Webbeacon” which is also called as an internet card, a pixel card, or a transparent gif file links the websites or the application to the host computer of the website as well as transfers all the information back to the host computer. Through these automatic collecting methods, we are able to know and save the data path so that we can identify the mode used.

It enables us to connect the assembled data with other information we have in order that we can identify whether you have checked mails we sent or not, for example. Besides, we may use the analytical tools of the third party to identify what our customers have done on the website. Your browse also enables you to know the mode of informing when you receive some certain cookies on how you can minimum or cancel all kinds of the cookies.

However, remember that you can’t use all the features or the applications on the website without any cookie. We and other parties like our advertising network are allowed to collect personal information about the customer’s online activities through the time and the third party’s websites when they are using our applications and websites.

Yours sincerely – Weightlossvenus Team.

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