My success weight loss journey

March 1, 2014, I remember the day very clearly. This is the day I had a change in the way I thought about losing weight, and from there my weight loss journey on losing 100 lbs. began.

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My success weight loss journey

I’m not sure what was different about that day, only that I had a “shift” in my mindset, a new way of thinking. I guess I really believed in myself and that I could really lose the weight once and for all.

About weight loss journey. Making life style changes and losing weight not only changes you on the outside. But it changes you most on the inside. You become a new person, almost like a butterfly freeing itself from a cocoon. The cocoon I had allowed to engulf my life, to keep me enclosed from all that life had to offer, and all I had to offer life.

The weight loss, well that is the easy part. The hard part is making up your mind that you can do it, that you have what it takes. That you won’t give up on yourself, that you mean enough to yourself to get healthy first for yourself and second for those who love you.

As you see. In my weight loss journey. I started exercising every morning, a little at first and then progressed from there. I learned about healthy foods and I learned to eat in moderation. And I incorporated more fruits, vegetables, whole grain foods and foods high in fiber into my diet.

One day built on another and soon it started to feel right. It became a habit, a good habit. Wow, I have more energy throughout my day. I feel great on the inside and out.

I never drempt when I started on my weight loss journey the responses I would get from others. It is sad to say, but people really respond to you differently when you lose weight.

You get noticed more, people tend to look at you in a different way. I feel the reason is not with the other people but within yourself. You carry yourself with more confidence, you have more pep in your step. You look people in the eye more. It’s almost like your confidence demands other’s attention.

My success weight loss journey

Most people who are overweight use food as a means of pushing down feelings, numbing yourself. Im not saying all people do, but this has been my experience. We used food almost like an alcoholic uses alcohol to numb feelings.

But now I have learned to look at food as a means of nourishing my body. Of course, with my weight loss journey, I still enjoy food. I just make healthier choices, and everything in moderation.

It seems from my experience that people around you get “used” to the old you and change is hard, not only for the person losing weight but for those around you. Don’t get me wrong, some people are very supportive, but not everyone will be happy for you, not everyone will rejoice in your accomplishment, and may even try to sabotage your weight loss.

I just had to realize that is their issue, not mine and keep on with my journey. Let’s face it, change is hard for people. It’s easier to focus on other’s people’s problems then to be accountable for your own areas you need to clean up.

My success weight loss journey

All in all, this weight loss journey has been all worth it. I would never go back to the old person I was. Life is so much more enjoyable. It’s easier to move throughout life when you’re healthy.

It’s not about fitting into a certain size. It weighing a certain number on the scale, for me it’s about doing each day what it takes to make my body strong, healthy, moving my body everyday and continue on this weight loss journey.

Nick Carter

My success weight loss journey
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