My 90 day journey of a new weight loss so far (Part 3)


To continue one’s weight loss story.

3-13-14: Had ham and cheese for lunch, hamburger with no bread for dinner though I almost caved in and ate the bread; carrots later, like 1 a.m. because I was starving. Walked the dog 45 minutes. Drank more water only cause I didn’t have the money for Coke Zero. Started feeling sick late last night because I didn’t gete enough sleep and was hungry. Earlier I had unsweetened tea with Splenda.
3-14-14: Had three eggs for lunch but didn’t take the yellow out ahead of time again. Hungry. Time for another appetite suppressant. It’s 2:15. Daylight savings started last night so losing an hour of sleep though I like this time of year because I can walk the dog later in the day. Got a Coke Zero in the can. Spent my last dollar.

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3-15-14: Had turkey, ham, and cheese sandwich but ate the bread. I was starving. Had a Boca burger with Parmesan for lunch. Dog saw the vet and he said not to walk him far. Didn’t get much sleep last night. Got my B12 monthly shot from dr., had pet sitting, then by the time I got done with almost everything that was four hours so I went back to bed. But every time I got up I was still tired so kept laying back down. Still have this cold. Almost gave in and got a Dr. Pepper but didn’t. Had my Coke Zero instead. I feel like I look a tiny bit different in the face from just losing some weight but it’s probably just my imagination since I haven’t lost much.
3-16-14: Had no breakfast unless you count collard greens in the middle of the night cause I was starving. Just realized I didn’t take my second appetite suppressant and am starving now. Had salmon for lunch. Had trouble falling asleep last night.
3-17-14: I’m starving and it’s 2 a.m. What’s new? I had a Boca burger at 2 a.m., plus greens and salmon at 12 a.m. because I was starving then, too. Had trouble falling asleep. I may get to see my little girl today. I haven’t seen her since December. Plus I have a research study 8-12. For dinner last night I had a hamburger but ate the bread. I’m tired of starving all the time. Thought about walking the dog yesterday but it rained most of the day. Was going to do it later but was too tired.
3-18-14: I cheated on my diet yesterday at lunch with my boss cause I was stressed. That’s just an excuse. But we walked dogs and I climbed some stairs so maybe I walked it off. I hope. I had two Dr. Peppers for the first time in awhile. I didn’t take my appetite suppressants on time because we were busy with visits plus I had a research study. I didn’t get to eat lunch till 4 and dinner till 10. I hadn’t exercised that hard in awhile. My boss eats candy and ice cream but he’s active and 6 feet tall and thin. Hard to believe he used to be 300 lbs. He says he has a client who’s 400 lbs. and we both said we don’t know how people stand it that big. I said I don’t know how they don’t have a heart attack and die and he said eventually they do and that they don’t live past their 50s. Today is a month ago that I started Medi Weight Loss.
3-19-14: I cheated and had bread at lunch. I walked a lot today and climbed a couple of flights of stairs. I have an apptointment at the weight loss clnic this a.m. and will find out if I lost any weight. I exercised a lot this week. My boss and I talked about his experience with weight loss. My allergies are driving me nuts and I still have a cold. Finally saw “Precious” and cried. For dinner I had roast beef and cheese. Later I had more cheese and blackberries.
3-20-14: First day of spring and it snows. I almost binged on ice cream last night and almost did it so with a candy bar today. Felt like just blowing my diet. I did buy some Weight Watchers new ice cream which I had two bars of. Had a bigger piece of fish than I should’ve. Still have a cold. Skipped breakfast. Had hamburger for lunch, probably bigger than it should’ve been. I have cravings for the food I can’t have. It sucks. I miss pizza,
chocolate, ice cream. Haagen-Daazs has a new flavor. They’re killing me. Usually every time they come out with a new flavor if I have the money I buy it.
3-21-14: Blew my diet big time cause I’m depressed. Tried not to give in to it but I did. Had twice the amount of protein I was supposed to have and I’ve already eaten half a box of Weight Watchers ice cream bars starting last night. Still so tired. It was so cold today and still is. Still have this cold and run down. Applied for jobs all day online. Very discouraging. Had four eggs for breakfast, hamburger with no bun for lunch, and six boneless, skinless chicken breasts for dinner, not to mention those ice cream bars.
3-22-14: I keep eating these Weight Watcher ice cream bars like candy. There are only two left in the box. I walked the dog today. I had no breakfast, hamburger with no bread for lunch. Didn’t sleep much. Tried to find a pet sitter for my trip. Still have this cold. Had nightmares.
3-23-14: My friend who’s such a great cook she should be a chef and who gives me food sometimes, gave me homemade gingerbread, bread, rice, apples, bananas, beef stew. I walked my dog again but found out he has cataracts. I blew my diet again. Dreamed Ruben was still alive. Dreamed about food. Had nightmares. Had nothing for breakfast, four eggs for lunch (scrambled), nothing yet for dinner and it’s almost 10 at night but I haven’t been hungry because I ate almost all but one piece of that gingerbread. That’s why I can’t buy that stuff. I’ll eat the whole thing. Planned menus with one of the techs at the weight loss clinic today per my sister. My sister’s happy I lost 10 lbs. but she doesn’t know I’ve been cheating on my diet.
3-24-14: Walked my dog again but found out he definitely has cataracts. Now I feel bad. We only walked 25 mins. fast because it started raining. I skipped breakfast, had tabouli for lunch (a no-no), and a veggie burger with no bread for dinner. In between I had two bananas, an apple, 17 grapes (the count allowed), 2 pieces of bread. My sister knows now that I cheated on my diet and is not happy.
3-25-14: I walked my dog today 35 mins. and he did great, not falling or anything. Skipped breakfast, had ham and cheese, no bread for lunch, and at 9:30 p.m. just now getting hungry for dinner. Course I also finished the pack of cheese, too like I always do. Just too addicted to it, plus I had four cheesesticks at the store like I do when I get groceries which I bought today. Stressed out over money. Saw my therapist. Almost bought some Haagen-Dazs but didn’t. Dying to try that new flavor Midnight Cookies and Cream.
3-26-14: I lost 3 ½ lbs. Can’t believe it. Thought for sure I gained. I think the only thing that saved me was walking my dog since I cheated on my diet. I had turkey for breakfast, hamburger, no bread for lunch and dinner. I walked my dog 50 mins. Plus I took some flights of stairs since my boss and I had to meet with a client. Then I cleaned house vigorously for awhile. Hope I burned off some calories there. I still want to try that Haagen Daazs new flavor though. The doctor at the clinic said I’m doing better than average, which shocked me. Had to turn the channel tonight when a show was going to start doing a pizza making contest. It’s just too hard to watch that since I miss pizza.
3-27-14: Skipped breakfast, had four eggs for lunch, boiled chicken for dinner, one slice of cheese, walked 50 mins. plus took several flights of stairs and cleaned house like crazy. Wonder how many calories I burned. Still not done cleaning. My legs are killing me.
3-28-14: Skipped breakfast, had a can of tuna for lunch, four eggs for dinner, then later two pieces of chicken with a little dressing, and some yogurt. Was still hungry after dinner so my friend brought me some food. Walked dog 1 hour plus took the stairs at my pet sitting job which about killed me. Had a Coke, two Hershey kisses, and four Fig Newtons. I was starving. This was all before dinner.
3-29-14: Had a piece of chicken for breakfast. Hadn’t had lunch yet. Made tea with Splenda. Thank God for Splenda, though it’s expensive. Was up and down all night. Dreamed about money I don’t have, as usual.
3-30-14: Arrived in FL for my birthday for six days. Didn’t eat lunch till 5 then my sister took me out for seafood. Had rock shrimp and a salad. There was a boat named Miss Terri outside our window at the harbor. Later melted butter from shrimp didn’t agree with my stomach since I don’t eat butter really any more. Wound up waking up every two hours starving. Had an apple and four cheese sticks, half a tangelo.
3-31-14: My 44th birthday and the first year with no birthday cake, I’m pretty sure. Had two boiled eggs for breakfast with V8, yogurt and strawberries later, two scallop skewers and a salad for lunch and my sister had the waitress put a candle in the scallops, which was cute. Dinner was Thai food with no rice. I kept staring at my sister’s bread during lunch. I was like a shark. I wanted it and I was circling it in my mind. Had a spring roll at dinner but no dessert though I wanted some badly and still do. Also wanted my sister’s brown rice which she didn’t eat much of but couldn’t have that either. Now I’m starving. They’ve gone to bed so will probably sneak some cheese. Got bummed out about not being able to have birthday cake cause of my weight program. My sister offered me tangelos or a fat-free fudgsicle but I said no thanks. She offered me yogurt with strawberries again and I turned that down, too. I just want some real dessert. Now I’m depressed. I feel deprived. I heard her mention chocolate syrup to her girlfriend which about killed me.
4-1-14: We went with my mom and stepdad to a state park yesterday and I exercised twice. My sister is going out of her way to help me with my weight and Lori tried to get some pie for me. I ate a couple of jellybeans at Lori’s mom’s and that dish of Three Musketeers on the counter was driving me crazy. This sucks. It’s like quitting drinking. I’m starving. I don’t think my sister understands.

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My 90 day journey of a new weight loss so far (Part 3)
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