My 90 day journey of a new weight loss so far (Part 2)


After part 1 about my journey, please follow part 2:

3-3-14: I lost 4 lbs.! Have no idea how except for the appetite suppressant. I was shocked, to say the least. I got the right foods today for groceries so I’m not eating crap any more. Tired. I ate roast beef without the bread for lunch though I was going to eat the bread even though I’m not supposed to. Carnie Wilson was back on Dr. Oz’s show. The nurse at the clinic said she was proud of me. Turns out I don’t need to buy a bunch of fruit after all, just a lot of protein.

3-4-14: Well, the appetite suppressant is working again, thank God. Still tired though but I think it’s cause I had a stressful day. I don’t think I bought enough food. I dreamed about swiss cheese. I wonder how so many people don’t have a problem with food or even think about it, they just eat right. Weight Watchers sent me a postcard in the mail saying “We miss seeing you.”


3-5-14: Starving. Walked the dog but he fell over three times so I don’t know about this. Had strawberries for breakfast (no protein which is not good), four eggs for lunch but didn’t take the yellow out like I was supposed to, and boiled skinless, boneless chicken with water chestnuts for dinner but since I didn’t get enough protein I need more.

3-6-14: Cheated and had four pieces of bread but walked 45 minutes. Justifying things, I know. Had scrambled eggs for breakfast, four pieces of Canadian bacon for lunch, and a turkey burger with beets and asparagus for dinner. Still not drinking enough water though. Was thinking if I exercise daily then when I weigh in weekly they won’t know I cheated because I’ll have burned off the calories, right? Yeah, I know, I’m rationalizing, trying to find a loophole. Starving.

3-7-14: I dream about food all the time. I dreamed last night I opened a locker and a bunch of food fell out. I dream about cheese, chocolate, that I have food when I don’t. I dream about money then wake up all disappointed that I don’t have any of this. I dream I have toilet paper when I’m really out and have no money to buy any. I ate too much chicken at dinner but I was starving. Now I’m boiling eggs cause I’m still hungry. Starving. I ran out of my appetite suppressant but will get more tomorrow, thank God.

3-8-14: Got my injection and more Stay Slim Appetite Suppressant. Was so tired all day. Had two boiled eggs for breakfast and two for lunch then a protein drink for dinner. Dog’s sick again. I dreamed about food again and that I had money. Almost got sick at my stomach last night. Almost thought about going vegetarian. That’s a first, now. Didn’t get to walk the dog since he was sick and it rained all day. The nurse asked at the clinic if I was able to go shopping and I said yes, after I realized she meant food and not clothes. It’ll be a long time before I’m able to get new clothes.


3-9-14: Was up and down all night starving. Had no breakfast, a turkey burger for lunch, and four eggs for dinner. Got some money so was able to get more Coke Zero plus the burgers, Thank God! In the middle of the night I had 2 ½ c. broccoli and later a cup of spinach, or 1 1/2 c. But I had hardly eaten anything in the last 24 hours, that’s why I was so hungry. I’m guessing. I’ve been thinking about starving myself again like I did when I was 14 but I don’t know. I’m wondering how I’m going to do on vacation.

3-10-14: Skipped breakfast again. Had a turkey burger for lunch, no bread, four eggs for dinner. Walked my dog. Vet said not to walk him far because of his condition. Already went through the Coke Zero, of course. I can go through a liter a day. I can picture myself skinny again now, whereas I haven’t been able to up till now. Didn’t get much sleep last night because I had too much caffeine.

3-11-14: Can’t remember if I had breakfast or not, so probably not. Had a turkey burger for lunch again, no bread. Almost bought bread today but didn’t. Didn’t get to walk the dog cause I was too tired. I keep waking up in cold sweats. Had four pieces of ham and cheese for dinner, two yogurts, two more pieces of cheese, four cheesesticks at the store as usual. Got food. Couldn’t get much but will be able to get more Monday. Bought more Coke Zero. Saw my therapist. She said I looked like I lost some weight. Will see tomorrow when I go back to the clinic and get weighed at 10.

3-12-14: I lost 3 lbs, a total of 9 so far. I was really disappointed and was hoping I’d lost more than three. They said whatever I’m doing, to keep doing it. They don’t know I cheated a few times. I need to walk more. I took my dog walking downtown and tried to participate in this contest but was turned down because of my weight. That really got to me, depressed me. Should’ve never left the house. I debated going and should’ve gone with my first instinct. Had ham and cheese for breakfast, salmon for lunch, and boiled chicken for dinner.

To be continued.

My 90 day journey of a new weight loss so far (Part 2)
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