My 90 Day Journey Of A New Weight Loss So Far (Part 1)

In February this year, I started a program my sister had heard about that a doctor in Florida had recommended for weight loss.

I had gone back to Weight Watchers but to no avail, so I decided to try this one, Medi Weight Loss Clinics.

Below is a journal I started keeping right after I began the medical doctor-supervised program. So far I’ve lost 29 pounds but still have a long way to go.

Here is my 90 day journey of a new weight loss so far:

2-18-14: First day. I signed up for Medi Weight Loss after failing at Weight Watchers again. It seems like a lot but we’ll see. They stuck me four times and couldn’t get blood because my veins are so bad.

2-19-14: Second day of Medi Weight Loss. Walked 30 minutes. Not by choice. Had one diet A & W Root Beer which I’ve had before. Again not by choice.

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2-20-14: Third day. Headaches from caffeine withdrawal. Walked one hour. Hot and cold. Skipped breakfast. Again, not by choice.

2-21-14: Fourth day. This is hard. Read an article yesterday about Carnie Wilson gaining all her weight back after gastro surgery. Bought a Coke Zero yesterday which I’ve had many times in the past. Nothing like real Coke though. Starving, starving, starving. Yet, my daughter never has an appetite.

2-22-14: Day 5. I feel light-headed because all I had for lunch was popcorn, two beef sticks, a few pieces of cheese, some cashews, and for dinner rice, soup, water. Not by choice, because I didn’t get paid today like I was supposed to. So now I can’t get enough to eat no matter what I do. And I didn’t exercise today.

2-23-14: Got really sick last night and today. Not sick at my stomach but just felt faint and generally bad. Walked my dog and that was good. I heard Kirstie Alley has a new show about her weight again.

I’m still not drinking water like I should. Bought some cantaloupe and ate half of it. Didn’t snack in the kitchen at night for the first time in years. That’s a huge deal for me.

2-24-14: My dog got sick so my whole day was thrown off but I made it to my clinic appointment and they told me I lost two lbs. but that I still needed to say goodbye to bread and pasta for now. They told me I didn’t need to introduce fruit into my diet till next week.

But they said I was doing good. My doctor will be on vacation from the clinic next week but she introduced me to her P.A. who will be filling in. He seems nice. Surprisingly I don’t have Diabetes but I’m still anemic according to my bloodwork that the clinic just got back.

2-25-14: Got groceries yesterday and bought lots of protein but no pasta or rice. It was hard not to buy a rotisserie chicken like I do weekly but since the ones at the grocery store I get food at makes my blood sugar crash the dr. said to avoid them (the clinic dr.).

The store must inject the chicken with something because I don’t have that reaction with other store’s rotisserie chickens. On schedule with my meds and eating and measuring meat for the first time in my life. I’m allowed four ounces per meal.

It’s more than you would think it would be. Once I measured it I was very surprised because it didn’t seem like it would be much at all.

2-26-14: Appetite suppressant doesn’t seem to be working but I think it’s cause I’m anemic. But I’m not giving into the hunger and it’s not like I’m ravenous like I usually am, just hungry. Had hamburger for lunch, no bread, tilapia for dinner.

Skipped breakfast which I wasn’t going to do but went back to bed then by the time I got up it was lunch time. Plus I’m preoccupied with taking care of my sick dog.

2-28-14: Why does this have to be so hard? I had four pieces of bread, popcorn, two breaded mushrooms. Not supposed to eat any of that. But these cravings….. I guess that’s what it is. It has to be.

Now I’ve got to figure out a solution for that. The appetite suppressant doesn’t seem to want to work. Haven’t been able to exercise since my dog is sick and I have had to take care of him round the clock.

However, when I’m taking care of him I don’t think about eating. Last night a friend of mine wanted to have Italian but I couldn’t because I can’t have bread or pasta right now. I did have a hamburger for dinner and didn’t eat the bread. That’s progress for me.

3-1-14: Caved in and had pasta for dinner and a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast. But for lunch, I had boiled chicken. Got my weekly injection. They asked how the diet was going. I said not good. My dog is getting better, though.

3-2-14: Ate bread with lunch because I forgot not to. It’s hard to retrain your brain. But at dinner, I was going to consciously eat it and didn’t, so go figure. I go back to the clinic tomorrow and they’re probably going to tear me a new one for eating bread and having pasta last night but it was all I had and had no money to buy anything.

I don’t think they at the clinic get it. I would eat right all the time if I had the money to do it. And, oh yeah, I had a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast as usual though not supposed to have bread. And last night I had popcorn which I’m sure is not allowed. But I was so hungry.


My 90 Day Journey Of A New Weight Loss So Far (Part 1)
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