Miss America 2014 – Nina Davuluri Share The Secrets Of Her Weight Loss Success

Nina Davuluri revealed how she lost 25 kg in two years.

Miss America 2014 Share the Secrets of her Weight Loss Success

Howdy WLM fans, This is My Weight Loss Success Story

My success weight loss journey

When in high school, Nina Davuluri, who is now 25, was an active teenager. She joined the cheerleading team of her school, played in the varsity tennis and dance teams. But when she moved to college, Nina, who studied the brain, behavior and cognitive science, worried more about her classes than her healthy habits.

“I want to eat a lot of potato chips, cookies and candies while learning,” Nina said, “and going to the gym is something unprecedented in my family.” By the end of her senior year, Nina weighed 79 kg.

The turn-about:

During the summer in her last year of college, Nina was determined to lose weight. She had lost 9 kg but gained it back as soon as she returned to college. After graduating in 2011, Nina had a bulimia be awakened by her younger sister.

“She said that I was not happy with myself,” Nina said, “and it really hurt her.” It hurt Nina as well when she herself realized that her relationship with food is not wholesome. And it became the driving force for Nina to take action.


In the beginning, Nina was dreaded by the gyms: “I was too embarrassed to set foot in a gym because I had not practiced for so long,” she said. Therefore, instead of going to the gym, she began to train for 20 minutes with the 30 Day Shred DVD at home. She also gave up junk food and make sure to eat balanced meals.

After one month, Nina felt confident enough to go to the gym. But instead of running on the treadmill, Nina and her mother signed up for aerobic classes: “Being surrounded by new friends helped me push myself,” Nina said.

She also mixed the sport to her workouts so that they never got boring, she tried everything from Barry’s Bootcamp to Bikram yoga, and more recently, she was obsessed with Crossfit. In June 2012, Nina had lost about 14 kg. Working with a personal trainer, she continued to lose 9 kg more. Now, her weight comes back to that at high school.


Miss America 2014 Share the Secrets of her Weight Loss Success

“Although slimming down is difficult, I pride myself more on how I have managed and maintained a healthy weight,” Nina said.

“The weight loss journey has helped me to have better health and stamina.” She becomes more confident, feels stronger and has more energy to do more work than before. And she admitted that when she first saw her shoulder muscles she felt like “nothing could be better than that.”

Nina’s advices:

Join a variety of sports to avoid boredom.

Do not allow an unhealthy choice to throw away all the weight loss process you are pursuing.

Find a friend to practice together for more motivation.

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Miss America 2014 – Nina Davuluri Share The Secrets Of Her Weight Loss Success
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