Losing Weight, Quickly, Easily and Most of All Safely

Losing weight for some people can be a difficult task with many obstacles that need to be negotiated along the way. It is always advisable to get checked by your doctor before you embark on a diet plan just to make sure there are no underlying health issues that need to be addressed.

Firstly we need to look at our diet. It should be a clean diet consisting of fruit and vegetables, meat and potato, rice and pasta’s. Just think ‘natural’. As a rule, if it’s a natural food, eg it grows in the ground, on a tree etc then the chances are it is good for you and certainly not on our ‘stay away from’ list!
You should also be eating regularly and if possible at the same times daily.
Do not skip meals and do not go without food for long periods of time, say over 4 hours. There is a reason for this, let me explain.
If you normally eat irregular, for example, you often skip breakfast, then your body needs to learn how to accommodate your eating patterns. Skipping breakfast is very bad. You have gone all night without eating and your body needs something to convert to energy but alas you skipped breakfast and therefore your body has no food to convert to energy.
This may seem like a great plan to lose weight because your body then needs to go into storage to find a source of energy but the negatives far outweigh the positives. Without regular food your body will slow down and conserve energy because it knows it needs too. When you do eat, your body will know that it may not get fed again for awhile and thus will not only slow you down, so that energy is conserved, but also will store the calories you just ate ready for when you do need them.

You must eat regular and change the whole process of your body and the way it produces and conserves energy. If you keep to a pattern, eating regularly throughout the day, you will soon find that you have a lot more energy to use because your body now knows it is going to get fed often and no longer needs to slow down or store energy, thus allowing it to be used immediately. This will certainly improve your whole sense of well being, allowing you to feel more alive than you had previously done so.

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You don’t need to eat big, but just eat something! Cereal, toast or fruit for breakfast is a great start. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and one of the reasons for this is because you have just slept for on average 8 hours, your body desperately needs something otherwise the slowing down process will begin.
Your evening meal is also very important towards your goal of losing weight. When you go to bed, any food that has been eaten will not get the chance to convert to energy, since your body certainly wont need it whilst you lie in bed, unless you sleep walk of course!

Sugars and fats should be avoided in the evening. If you have become accustomed to eating late, then continue to do so by all means but watch what you eat more carefully. Substituting Fruit or cereal for late night chocolate will make a lot of difference towards your goal of losing weight.
There is no point me trying to push you towards exercising at this moment. You may not have the time, or you may not have the desire or will but i can tell you that is mostly because your body is still currently in conservation mode.
If you follow my advice for the next 3 weeks, you can then start looking at ways of incorporating some type of physical activity because that is when you will want too. You will feel more alive, you will have lost weight and therefore be gaining self esteem and confidence, but most of all your energy levels will be through the roof thanks to your new regular eating diet plan and you will feel ready and up for it!

Nick Carter

Losing Weight, Quickly, Easily and Most of All Safely
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