Lose weight quickly in 6 weeks

If you want to lose weight quickly, let’s apply the following weight loss ways helping you get your slim figure back only in 6 weeks.

Obesity not only is the cause of many dangerous diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol disease, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, fatty liver disease but also makes you feel less self-confident, heavy, and ugly. This has a significant impact on your daily life as it affects your body negatively and makes you tired as well as uncomfortable, even causes you to feel constantly worried and burdensome. To resolve radically the above problem and get your first shape back, you’d better positively use weight loss ways right now.

At the beginning of losing weight, you may have a number of questions. For example, whether it can be successful or not, which way helps lose weight fast but healthy for your body… Here are some small tips that can help you get your slim figure in a shortest time.

Planning is the decisive strategy that can help you decide what to eat, to exercise, or to burn calories in order to lose weight successfully within one and a half months. Nutritional experts will tell you the following fastest way to lose your pounds properly in 6 weeks, which is safe and effective: your aim is to lose from one to two kilos per week, so after 6 weeks you can lose from four to tewlve kilos. To reduce one kilo a week, you need to cut down 3.500 calories, equivalent to 500 calories each day. The best way to attain this objective is to eat healthy foods, to reduce the amount of food intake, to strengthen exercises to burn calories so that you can lose weight faster.

1. How to reduce calories?

You should eat low calorie foods and cut calories for the three main meals with the total of 300 calories per day, the other 200 calories are for exercises. You can have a small amount of cereal for breakfast instead of a big bowl of cereal so that you can reduce 100 calories. Remember to avoid foods with high calories. It is advisible to eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, instead.

2. Drink much water:

Drinking a lot of water is the secret of having a healthy skin and figure; therefore, drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Drinking much water can help both excrete toxins and waste products from the body and lower the body’s heat. Especially, drinking 2 glasses of water before eating can create the feeling of fullness so that you will eat less than usual to lose weight quickly.

3. Do exercise every day:

Doing exercise is the most effective way to lose weight. It is said to be the best friend of health helping increase your life expectancy. Walking is the choice many people take up to lose weight because a walking hour can help burn 450 calories. Also, to avoid the bored feeling, you can take up aerobic for 30 minutes to burn 400 calories at the same day. Or if you want to lose weight effectively without having saggy muscles, let’s practise lifting the weights at least twice a week in order to build muscles.

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Lose weight quickly in 6 weeks
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