Lose weight effectively with Japanese methods

These are some Japanese methods to lose weight effectively:

Method 1: Lose weight with black vinegar:

Lose weight effectively with Japanese methods

A lot of Japanese women use black vinegar made from brown rice to lose weight. The Japanese often use black beans roasted and soaked with black vinegar to eat before a meal to reduce cravings.

Method 2: Replace oil with water:

Lose weight effectively with Japanese methods

Most of the Japanese cuisines use water rather than oil unlike Chinese ones. If having fried foods, they will eat a very little amount. In fried dishes such as tempura, they will have only one or two shrimps in order to avoid nutrient imbalance. Their foods are mostly cooked by methods of baking, stewing or eating raw.

Method 3: Eat a variety of vegetables:

Lose weight effectively with Japanese methods

Japanese diet always includes vegetables depending on the season such as seaweed, onion, soy, eggplant, tomato, radish and sweet potato. Vietnamese people only eat one type of vegetable or pickle in a meal, Japanese people on the other hand, often lay out 4 to 5 different dished of pickle and vegetables in one meal. Therefore, they will get a meal which is low in calories but still diverse and tasty.

Method 4: Lose weight with bananas:

Lose weight effectively with Japanese methods

Losing weight using bananas has raised uproar in Japan recently. Just eating a banana or more each morning will do the trick. Banana will promote metabolic processes, create a protective membrane for the gut, which will destroy the toxins in your body and stimulate digestion and thus will increase effective in losing weight.

Also remember to drink a glass of warm water after eating banana for better food digestion. Your weight can significantly reduce if you are patient with this method in just 2 weeks. Nevertheless, this method also has a condition: The last meal of the day must be finished before 8 PM. Absolutely avoid staying up late, go to bed early to give your body time to rest.

Method 5: Eat more fish like the Japanese:

Lose weight effectively with Japanese methods

Almost all of the dishes in a Japanese meal are beneficial to the health: fish, rice, seaweed, soy, vegetables, fruits and green tea, etc. All the foods are derived from natural resources.

Among them, fish is the Japanese’s top favorite food. Japan consumes up to 10% of world fish production, while their population accounts for only 2% of the world population. Why do the Japanese love to eat fish that much?

Because fish provides a huge amount of unsaturated fatty omega 3 acids which does not cause fat accumulation and also are healthy and beneficial to extend life span. Each year, an average Japanese person eats about 68 kilos of fish (while the respective figure for the world is just 16 kilos).

Method 6: Drink plenty of green tea:

Lose weight effectively with Japanese methods

Green tea is the indispensable drink for Japanese women to lose weight fast safely. If they cannot make fresh green tea, they will drink the tea that is mixed from green tea powder called matcha powder.

Green tea has a number of antioxidants, which will surely purify your body. It also helps fight cancer, burn energy and prevent aging.

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Method 7: Seaweed:

Lose weight effectively with Japanese methods

One of the weight loss methods that the Japanese use to maintain body shape and beauty is using seaweed in daily diet.

You should know that seaweed is a wonderful gift that the vast ocean has given to us. Seaweed contains few calories, is rich in nutrients, vitamin C, calcium and beta-carotene as well as countless other precious minerals.

Moreover, the adding of seaweed into your diet will not only make you full without getting fat, but it also makes your beauty stay youthful and sustainable over time.

Lose weight effectively with Japanese methods
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