Lose Weight by Changing Friends

If you really have your mind set on losing weight, you have to make more changes than just the food you eat.

You have to clean up your entire life and sometimes this includes making tough decisions that are necessary for you to reach your weight loss goal and stay there. One change you may need to make is to lose some of your friends and find new ones.

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Friends often sabotage your weight loss efforts without even realizing it. If they are not trying to change their eating habits, they may miss the old you.

While you are off taking a walk to eating at the local salad bar they are sitting alone at home or scoffing down their burgers and fries without their old buddy right there beside them. In no time they will be begging for you to join them just once because they miss you so much. What they really miss is their eating buddy.

There are also friends who will totally support you in the beginning. They may even join you and also try to lose weight. But if they fall off the wagon, they may not want you to pull them back on. Instead, they may beg you to fall off with them.

Some people don’t like to see others succeed. Even people with the best intentions and a true love for a friend may want to sabotage their efforts because they don’t want to face their personal failures.

Friends are not the only ones who can keep you fat. Family and spouses are some of the biggest culprits. Mothers want to feed you. Spouses want to tease you. Children want snacks in the house and will make you feel one step short of child abuse if you expect them to eat lean meat and vegetables and fresh fruit for dessert. You can’t get rid of

You can’t get rid of family as easily as you can your friends so you will have to train them to let you live the new live you want to live. Training them is worth the effort. And it’s your duty to help them too so they do not fall into the same overweight trap you are in.

Your workplace can also be a danger zone. If you work where food is readily available like a bakery, by all means, change careers! If you work in an office or anyplace that people put food out to snack on all day talk to the boss and tell him or her this practice needs to change. If they want food to munch on, let them munch on veggies and a salsa dip. This is not a punishment!

You just have to put yourself first in the weight loss game. That’s the only way you will ever win. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it. Don’t let anyone tell you that your personality changed for the worse (they are jealous!).

Just lose weight and enjoy your new life! Buy new clothing and strut your stuff. You deserve it. Oh, and hang out with normal sized people. They will keep you on track.
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Lose Weight by Changing Friends
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