Let’s discover weight loss secrets all over the world

Losing weight is not someone’s problem but every body’s need. Let’s study different weight loss ways from different countries in the world to find out how they lose their pounds?
1. Indonesian people often fast to lose weight:
As a Muslim country, the Indonesians’ way to lose fat differs from that of others. People there are suggested going on a periodical diet, fasting for a certain time. Thus, it is quite easy for them to be on a diet or to fast. This is a usual way they often follow to lose weight. However, nutrional experts in this country don’t encourage them to go on a diet or fast to lose weight.
2. The Korean use garlic preserved in vinegar to lose weight:
These are the two kinds of foods familiar to both modern people and imperial maids. They are also the daily indespensable foods. The recipe that the palace women used is that every day they used from two to three cloves of garlic preserved in vinegar after breakfast and dinner, which could help their waistline slim down.
Garlic preserved in vinegar is an additive aiding in increasing your appitite, has good effect on bettering the circulation of the blood, prevents aging and reduces the body heat by removing toxins and waste products from the body. Especially, it can help with neuropathy pain and some skin diseases. Due to the fact that garlic preserved in vinagar can not only help lose weight but also be good for health, it is many Chosun women’s favourite food.
3. Indian people practise yoga to lose weight:
Doing yoga not only is good for reducing your pounds but it also helps you be sound in mind. Yoga consists of intensive poses which affect the human organs and acupuncture points of the body to help control the metabolism and prevent the storage of harmful fat.
4. Russian people themselves grow vegetables and fruits to help lose weight:
Gardening is the Russian people’s daily job. It is also a simple and wonderful way to help have a nice figure. Moreover, it is a practical job that makes their diet healthy and more nutritious.
5. Malaysian people use turmeric powder to lose weight:
Turmeric is an important ingredient of carry. Malaysian research has shown that turmetic is an important element that helps prevent the development of adipose tissues, speed up burning calories.
6. The French sit and talk for a long time to lose weight:
French people often have family meals freely. Talking while eating can help you eat less and you will have the feeling of fullness faster.
7. Finlanders walk to lose fat:
It is common that Finlanders often take up walking to manage their pounds. For them, walking is their favourite activity, which helps burn calories easily in order to control their weight.
8. The Philipines use aloe to reduce their weight:
As you all know that fresh aloe leaves can use for beautifying skin. Also, it can heal their wound quickly. Besides, the Philipines also use it as a kind of diet pill. According to their experts, having been absorbed by the skin, aloe can resove subcutaneous fat or stimulate the fat resolution process.
9. Dutch people ride a bike to control their weight:
Bicycle is the most popular means of transport in Netherlands. It said that the Dutch consider bicycle a mean to lose their pounds. It has been estimated that a person who rides a bike with an average speed can burn 550 calories each day.
10. The Brazilian use rice and beans to reduce weight:
In this country, the portion mainly includes rice and beans. It is an adequate diet which is rich in fibre, less fat, and stablizes the sugar level in the body. According to their research, this diet will reduce the risk of obesity up to 14 percents.
11. Spanish people take a nap after lunch to manage their pounds:
The Spanish have known how to take the advantage of having a quick nap and to care for their health through the quality of the nap.
It is vital to for us to take a nap, but it is better to have a nap for 20-30 minutes. If you sleep longer, you will feel tired and hard to sleep at night. To have a fast nap easily, you should minimize taking stmulants before sleeping and practise slight activities.
12. The German lose weight with the help of breakfast:
75 percents of German people eat breakfast every day. British researchers have discovered that if you don’t have breakfast, your brain reward centers will brighten drastically when you find high calorie foods. As a result, this increases your appetite and an irresistable urge makes increases the food intake. Therefore, fasting breakfast increases your risk of obesity.
13. Switzers eat muesli to lose weight:
Muesli is a kind of soup and it is also the name of a kind of cereal made from oat, fruits, and seeds. Its recipe is studied carefully to care for their health and control their weight.
Muesli is created by a Switser doctor in the 1890s for the purpose of feeding patients in his hospital. Strong Switzer people usually have muesli for breakfast and dinner. The fibre of muesli can lower the digestive system to make the body remain the feeling of fullness longer. Switzerlands produce this food to serve fat people’s need for weight loss. Thus, the sugar level in this food is quite various. Those who want to lose weight fast will have the muesli which has the lowest level of sugar. Muesli’s sugar level normally fluctuates from 2 to 14 percents.

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Let’s discover weight loss secrets all over the world
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