Jamie Mendell 18kg Weight Loss Success To Help Her Happiness In Life


Weight loss success story of Jamie Mendell is evidence to suggest that you should change your perspective before you can change your own body.

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Weight loss success story of Jamie Mendell

1. Lifestyle:

I started to Care with your diet when I was 17. Although I have a perfectly healthy body, I started to notice it changing, I noticed my breasts bigger, my arms wide open and my hips getting wider and I made Fear. Until that time, I was proud of myself for having a lean body, healthy.

I built a first diet that led to 10 years of struggling with her weight. I found myself constantly dieting and then binge eat when I can not do anything with it anymore. Weight up and down led to numerous changes in the number, scale and eventually my weight increased more and more.

My heaviest weight is 72 kg or more than a little bit, but more importantly, I was completely miserable. I lost confidence, not only because of my weight, it’s also because I’ve spent 10 years completely consume the food I think is good for your weight.

My life became more severe and I felt trapped in an endless cycle of dieting and weight gain. Nothing worked, and every diet only bring much frustration and weight increase.

To make matters worse, my drunken binge eating. I am an intelligent woman, and my success did not understand why I can not figure out how to work effectively with them.

2. Change:

I have reached its peak endurance and I can not allow myself eating it again. I turned 26 years old and when I look at my life, I felt a sense of urgency that if I continued to diet and wait until I lost weight, I went to the end of his life meaninglessly.

I no longer want to dinner at the excellent restaurants of the city of New York takes place silently count the calories in his head or avoid dating because I feel ashamed of my body.
I can not accept life for myself anymore.

I decided that I would stop dieting. I can not waste a day battling his weight without results. So I tried to do what my mind was begging me to do: Begin to live and to be happy immediately.

I started dating.

I extend my relationships.

I booked the trip I previously missed.

I forced myself to be present when out with my friends instead of counting calories in the whole time.

I got rid of the clothes inappropriate and gradually buy new ones that make me feel better.

I quit my job in the financial industry and started business as a health coach and a comprehensive lifestyle.

I ate a leading nutritional food.

I cook new recipes.

I learned how to care for your own body.

I started participating in hiking.

I fell in love and started allowing myself to feel sexier.

I have found myself and feel more confident.

3. Reward:

Decided to stop dieting and create yourself a great life and a healthy, regardless of weight is the best decision I’ve ever made.

I realize now I had everything I needed: Diet will make you feel life is limited, boring and tedious, which ultimately leads to the use of food to fill the void.

The more I focused on creating a life that I love, do what makes me happy and take care of myself and my needs, then the focus on eating less and less.

For a long time, my weight gradually dropped and I lost weight successfully with the construction of a healthy lifestyle for themselves. Now, at age 28, I weighed like when I was studying in high school!
But more importantly: My weight is not even important to me at this point.

Jamie’s advice:

Stop dieting. Dieting does not work for most people. If it does not work for you, please accept that it’s okay! Instead, start to listen to yourself. Eat when you are hungry, when you need it and trust that your body knows what it needs to eat, we have to listen.

Create a life you love right now. Most of us are emotional eaters because whether you are happy or sad dining reason to fill that feeling. So be comfortable with yourself and build yourself a good and healthy habit.

Respect yourself. You do not need to love your body, but trying to start respecting yourself and get used to it. The more you understand and respect yourself, then naturally you will automatically eat nutritious foods to take care of his own body.

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Jamie Mendell 18kg Weight Loss Success To Help Her Happiness In Life
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