How to lose weight without regaining ?

It is better not to hastily please when you have just won the race of your weightloss strategy since it is only a half of the way you are experiencing. For the other, you have to find the answer of the question “how to avoid regaining weight after you have lost weight successfully

Having reduced your weight successfully, our girls’ main concern is regaining weight. So how can you control watch your weight stablizing at the level you have to try your best to reach?

1. Make sure that the calorie consumption is more than the calorie intake.

To lose weight, you have to enssure that the daily calorie consumption is about 500 – 1000 calories more than the calorie intake. To reach your goal, you need to go on a reasonable diet combined with walking for two and a half hours a day, cycling, doing aerobics, or swimming for around half an hour per day to consume energy effectively.

2. Prevent the risk of storing excessive fat.

The achievement of losing weight that you have tried hard to reach will turn to dust and ashes if you don’t pay attention to prevent the risk of storing the excessive fat of the body. Thus, you have to exercise regularly. In addition, it is better to minimize the fat food, which can assist in the strategy for stopping the excessive fat layers stored inside the body.

3. Try to maintain an energy balance.

To ensure your weightloss success, it is advisable to continue maintaining the energy balance so that your weight has no chance to regain. At this time you should pay attention to keep the amount of calorie consumption approximate to that of intake.

Averagely, a person’s daily calorie intake is about from 1.800 to 2.000 calories. You, therefore, only have to walk regularly, doing housework for 60 minutes, swimming, or playing tennis for 35 minutes a day so that you can assure the balanced level of calorie use and don’t need to worry about putting on weight.

Surely, if you eat more or exercise less, it is unavoidable to regain weight. There will be no chance for the worry about putting on weight again if you follow strictly the basic principles of maintaining your weight above.

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How to lose weight without regaining ?
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