How To Lose Weight For Newbie


Losing weight is a very tough challenge in our society.
Unless you have money to burn don’t worry about what they are selling. I am going to reveal to you easy ways to lose weight, and the best part about it is, my advice won’t cost you a dime.

This plan has worked for me and I am certain it can work for you as well. However, do not think that my plan is some, revolutionary weight loss magic pill.

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First thing you should do is go to your kitchen and throw out any kind of regular soda. If you really need to drink soda, switch to diet brands. I lost 5 pounds in one week just kicking the soda habit. You won’t believe how much sugar is in one can, and everyone knows sugar keeps on pounds.

Next, try to eat oatmeal, bran, or any kind of hot fiber cereal. In the morning a big bowl of oatmeal will fill you up, and it is very low in calories. The fiber will also promote bowel movement that will push wastes out faster promoting weight loss.

Next, take it easy on the fast food. Fast food is okay in moderation however, you should try to cook whatever it is you are craving for. Instead of going to McDonald’s, fry your own burgers. It would be better for you to cook, and might even taste better to do it yourself. Fast food has a lot of chemical additives, sodium, and other ingredients that can make you or keep you fat.

My last bit of advice is to exercise. This seems to be where most people fail. What I’ve used for me is the Playstation game “Dance Revolution”. I’ve burned 650 calories in an hour sitting just playing this game. The lesson here is to do something that you enjoy to keep you active. There is no sense of going to the gym everyday if you hate it, and chances are you won’t commit to it for long.

I am certain my plan will help you lose weight. I’ve lost 35 pounds just doing what I have mentioned. There is no mystery behind it, just a little work and good judgment. Give it time and you will be the person who you have always wanted to feel and look like.

Nick Carter

How To Lose Weight For Newbie
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