How to Lose Weight daily – part 1

To begin losing weight you must know the meaning of weight loss. Weight loss is the ability of losing body mass by eating less and exercising. Sounds harsh and impossible but little changes make a difference. How to lose weight daily?

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You must have heard take it step by step about a million times but it’s true. If you take one big step, you will find yourself not able to take all the pressure of that big step. If your resolution was to lose weight , you have already taken your first simple step. If you stop at that step you probably won’t make it.

First step is to make a realistic goal:

An example is I’m going to lose 10 pound in 2-3 weeks. Next step is probably the toughest but if you make past the first week you will be very successful with your weight loss.

Next step to lose weight is to have a plan:

Plan must include what you will do in your diet like I’m going to drink diet cola instead of regular. Make sure you make small changes in week one. Don’t forget week one needs to have a small exercise change like I’m going to vacuum 2 times this week or walk around the table during some commercials.

Week two means you got to pump up the effort. Go back to you meal plan and decide to make your calorie intake lesser like around 1500 or 1200 (depending on how much you will need to lose).

Next thing is to enhance your exercise. Make sure you have at least exercise 2-3 days a week for 20- 30 minutes a day. With these changes you will have to push yourself a little more and you are guaranteed results.

Week three is your last and life changing step. During this step you will set your meal plan the way it will stay forever. This doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself once in a while. Just don’t treat yourself too often. You exercise plan must keep accelerating but don’t overdo it.

Last but not least you have to treat yourself (not with food). Treat yourself with clothes to fit you new shape, shoes, jewelry, and anything not food. I know you will be able to do it.

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How to Lose Weight daily – part 1
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