How to control the weight gain in obese children?

How to keep the weight of an obese child under control is one of the top concerns for a lot of parents. And these following tips will help parents to gradually impede the bad eating habits of the child.

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Obesity not only makes children become inactive but also seriously affects their health and lifestyle. With children who are overweight but get hooked on eating, ways to restrain children’s gaining weight are always of high importance for parents.
Just follow these simple yet effective tips and your child’s eating habits will be greatly improved.

1. Be patient to have children eat vegetables:

You should add a lot of vegetables into the diet of children. A useful tactic to make children eat more vegetables is to present the dish in an appealing way but try to use as little oil and fat as possible.

Should you have time and necessary conditions, you can grow some vegetables in your garden because home-grown vegetables are always much better and safer than those sold on the market. Moreover, parents can get the children to help grow and take care of the vegetables so that they will be more active and will find joy and excitement of eating the vegetables they have grown on their own.

During the meals, mothers should make priority to feed children with low-calorie food and don’t forget to check the calorie amount before serving it to children. Some low-calorie foods that parents can consider are lean meat, bird meat, fish, green beans, chickpeas, etc. These dishes will provide enough nutrients for children’s growth without causing them to gain weight.

2. Train children to drink much water:

Parents should get children to have a habit of drinking plenty of water every day. Prepare a bottle of water for children to bring to school, or make some low-sugar juice from fruits and vegetables for children to drink when they come back home. Encouraging children to drink more water will not only make children feel fuller and less craving for food but also help them to cleanse out the toxins from the body.

The habit of eating while watching TV might result from parents’ unwitting actions. Instead of letting children be a couch potato and eat uncontrollably, parents should motivate children to take part in outdoor activities to be more active. In that exciting playing time, children will forget the appetite for food as well.

3. Teach children to say no to soft drinks, carbonated water and sweets:

Children often like soft drinks and carbonated water, but parents should explain to them that these kinds of drinks do not contain nutrients and more seriously, is the culprit of weight gain. Fast food, fried and oily food are also enemies to obese children.

4. Ensure children drink enough milk according to their age:

Many people have a misconception that cutting down the amount of milk will make children to lose weight. Meanwhile, milk is a good source of food containing sufficient nutrients to help children develop height (calcium, vitamin D, phosphorus, protein, lactose …).

Therefore, milk is particularly important for the holistic development of children. Although children should reduce the energy to prevent gaining weight. But they also need enough nutrients to grow. Therefore, for obese children, milk intake should not be reduced but instead increased in daily diet.

However, you also need to choose the suitable types milk for obese children, swap those common types of milk with great amounts of sugar and fat for the milk for overweight children which has low-fat, low-energy, high protein and high mineral contents.

And note that you should have children eat in moderation, without skipping meals or being too hungry because hunger may cause children to eat twice as much, which leads to the accumulation of fat. You can also split the meals into 5 – 6 smaller meals per day.

5. Sleep also affects obesity:

Mothers should pay attention to let children get enough sleep and not stay up too late as when in deep sleep the body will increase the secretion of growth hormone, facilitating the growth in height while sleeping.

Moreover, getting enough sleep also inhibits the production of several substances that stimulate appetite so children will eat less, and thus more easily get rid of overweight and obesity.

Obese children are often very inferior about their physique. And family members are the closest ones to children and can motivate and help children lose weight successfully.
Wish our kids to be healthy and maintain a good shape.

Nick Carter

How to control the weight gain in obese children?
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