How Healthy is Rapid Weight Loss?

You have decided it is time to make some changes in the way you are living your life. You have committed to make healthier choices and you have decided to start by losing weight. You want to get to a healthy weight as quickly as possible, but you are wondering if rapid weight loss is safe.

If you have not been very consistent in making healthy food choices and you make drastic changes in your eating habits, you may see a weight loss in the double digits for the first week or two of your new eating plan. Losing over ten pounds the first week is not at all uncommon, especially if you have more than fifty pounds to lose.


However, rapid weight loss is not as important as consistent weight loss. If you steadily lose one to two pounds weekly by eating sensibly and exercising regularly, you have a greater chance of being able to maintain your weight loss than if you go out of your way to lose the weight quickly.


Developing a manageable weight loss plan is going to be your best bet when it comes to losing weight. The healthiest way to lose weight is to eat a balanced diet that consists of six meals. If you eat every 2-3 hours, your chances of getting excessively hungry are decreased and as a result you are less likely to overeat. Eating regularly will also keep your sugar level more even, decreasing the likelihood that you will have cravings.

Plan your meals. Know what you are going to eat and when you are going to eat it. Always carry healthy snacks with you. Having healthy food choices available will lessen the chance that you will make a poor food choice, because it is your only choice. Creating a plan for losing weight will make losing the weight less of a struggle.

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Having a varied plan for eating is also helpful. You metabolism tends to work more efficiently if it isn’t always dealing with the same foods on a daily basis. The same goes for calories. Vary your calories by 300-500 daily through out the week. You can lose weight if you consume 1200 calories 3 times a week, 1400 calories and 1600 twice weekly.


The method I have seen that gives the quickest weight loss is a balance liquid protein diet. If you choose this option, it will take discipline, because protein shakes can become pretty boring. You should eat at least one sensible meal daily. You should have your doctor or dietician recommend the liquid protein diet that is best for you and you should be monitored by them regularly.

The other thing you have to remember is not to beat yourself up over slips. The worst thing you can do is give up because you are not perfect. If you fall, get back up and keep on moving forward. Anything worth having is going to take some effort, but if you keep striving to reach your goal you will get there and you will be healthier and thinner when you do reach your goal. Rapid weight loss can be safe, but consistency is better for long-term success.

 Nick Carter

How Healthy is Rapid Weight Loss?
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