Foods That Women Having Cesarean Should Limit

To get the slim body after childbirth, especially after having a cesarean section. Mothers should abstain from the following foods to avoid affecting their own health as well as their child’s.

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Foods that women having cesarean should limit:

Special, diet after cesarean delivery: The Half Day Diet

1. Salty food or sour fruits:

Instead of eating these kinds of food, mothers should eat bland food and fruits such as clams, oysters, mussels, watermelon, melon, coconut water.

2. Hot and spicy foods:

These types of food will cause abdominal bloating and hotness in children, therefore, postpartum mothers should limit chili, pepper, onion, garlic, ginger, etc. Moreover, these spices also significantly influence the taste of mother milk, causing troubles, especially for mothers who are breastfeeding.

Foods that women having caesarean should limit

3. Too sweet food:

Will cause blood sugar level of the baby and the mother to increase suddenly and thus adversely affecting children’s health afterwards.

4. Food not good for the healing of scars:

Mothers with C-section operation should avoid some foods that are malevolent for the healing process of scars such as sticky rice, water spinach and egg whites. Because they escalate the creation process of purulent inflammation, or cause keloids, etc.

5. Alcoholic and caffeinated drinks:

Coffee, wine, beer, energy drinks and soft drinks are not only bad for the mother’s body but can also have negative impact on the health of the baby.

Foods that women having caesarean should limit

6. Cooling (yin) foods:

Avoid using cooling dishes like crab and jute. In addition, these women should not eat fishy foods such as fish and snails too early. Because they will inhibit condensation of blood, which is not conducive to the blood clotting after surgery, slowing the healing of the wound.

7. Oily foods:

These foods will cause problems with mother milk and cause irritation to the stomach of young children.

Foods that women having caesarean should limit

8. Cow milk and dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, butter and cream:

May cause allergic reactions in young children because cow milk contains lactose. When consumed by mothers, it will be absorbed and transmitted to infant through breastfeeding.

Some tips for safe weight loss after having Caesarean:

To lose weight safely and effectively after C – section surgery, mothers should not fast, eat hardly any food, as this will result in shortage of energy. Which will not only make you tired but also slow down your metabolism. Especially you should not be so hasty in weight loss and avoid strenuous exercises that make the body vulnerable to injuries.

Some tips for safe weight loss after having Caesarean

After Caesarean, the body needs a lot of time to recover. But you should also have appropriate type of exercise for the body to consume energy, avoid extra fat due to being less active. Before the body completely recovered to perform rigorous exercises, mothers can walk gently every day to help the process of losing weight after cesarean delivery easier and more efficient. Mothers should have a reasonable exercise regimen, avoid taking too much, your body will be tired.

Keep yourself mentally comfortable and avoid stress. Restrict junk food, especially snacks in the evening as this will make your process of losing weight after cesarean a complete failure.

Wish mothers with effective weight loss!

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Foods That Women Having Cesarean Should Limit
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