Five Simple Resolutions to Help You Lose Weight


The number one New Year’s resolution people make is to lose weight. Unfortunately, this resolution goes by the wayside within a few short weeks. But you can make and keep your resolution to lose weight by following one or more of these five resolutions.

People who lose weight slowly are more likely to keep the weight off. Most people try drastic fad diets that they grow tired of quickly.

These resolutions are not drastic and you barely have to change the way you eat. Losing weight slowly is healthier and easier. Making small changes will also help you change your eating habits permanently without feeling deprived. Chose one or more of the following resolutions and watch the weight melt away.

Five Resolutions to Lose Weight:

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1. Drop those High-Calorie Sodas:

Five Simple Resolutions to Help You Lose Weight
If you regularly drink one or more cans of regular soda a day you are adding hundreds of non-nutritional calories to your body each day. Try exchanging one or more cans of soda each day with a bottle of water.

One can of soda is approximately 200 calories so in one week you will drop 1,400 calories from your diet. For every pound you want to lose you need to reduce 3,500 calories. Eliminating 1,400 calories a week will help you lose 20 pounds in one year. Just think about this, lose 20 pounds for eliminating only one can of soda a day. Now that’s a resolution you can easily keep.

2. Stop Snacking on Junk Food:

Five Simple Resolutions to Help You Lose Weight
Snacking during the day is tempting especially when there are donuts in the coffee room or vending machines nearby. Try replacing one junk food snack with a piece of fresh fruit each day and you will save in calories without feeling hungry.

A typical candy bar has 240 calories while an apple has only 65 calories. By trading the candy bar for the apple you save 175 calories each day adding up to 1,225 calories each week. In one year you can lose 18 pounds by doing this simple trade. In addition, the fiber in the fruit will make you feel full longer. This is an easy trade to try.

3. Swap High Calorie Lattes for a Low Calorie Beverage:

Five Simple Resolutions to Help You Lose Weight
Lattes and cappuccinos are very popular but the calories in them add up quickly. A typical latte or cappuccino has 120 calories in it. If you reduce one of these each day you can save yourself 840 calories each week. This adds up to losing 12 pounds a year.

If you really need your coffee then try exchanging one high-calorie coffee for a regular cup of coffee with cream. Regular coffee with cream is only 25 calories so it still saves you 95 calories each day with a total weight loss of 10 pounds per year. This is a painless way to lose 10 pounds.

4. Be Careful about Fast Foods:

Between family and work it is easier for most people to pick up lunch or dinner instead of cooking but you can still drop calories by making a simple change. Instead of eating the quarter-pound burger that has 420 calories try eating the 6-piece chicken for 250 calories or the grilled chicken salad for 210 calories.

This will save you 170 calories or 210 calories each time you eat out. If you eat out five times a week and save 170 calories each time you will lose 12 pounds in a year. You will still feel full without all the unnecessary calories.

5. Add Exercise:
Five Simple Resolutions to Help You Lose Weight

Some people just love to eat and don’t want to reduce certain foods but you can still lose weight by adding exercise instead. We are not talking about a sweaty aerobics class either. Simply adding a 20-minute walk or a 30-minute bike ride three times a week can help you burn off the pounds.

Three 20 minute walks each week will burn 428 calories, helping you lose 6 pounds each year. Three 30 minute bike rides will burn 900 calories each week helping you lose a total of 13 pounds per year. On top of this you will be toning and firming your body for a slimmer appearance.

If you choose to do more than one of the above resolutions, like eliminating a latte and adding the bike ride, you can lose up to 25 pounds in a year. That is a lot of weight for making such a minor change. So this year when you make your New Year’s resolutions, try one of these as a start to a healthier year that is sure to end in weight loss.

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Five Simple Resolutions to Help You Lose Weight
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  1. I am three weeks in my 1400 calorie diet to speed things up in the beginning. I have actually made the changes mentioned in this articel and it Works! After three weeks i have already lost 20 pounds and the only reason that it isn’t more than that is because i lift weights and therefore are starting to build up muscles. I have a cheat day every friday or saturday and that helps me keep on going with my 6 week plan. If i am at a stage where i Think it’s a bit hard and i feel that i could be on the edge of falling back into some old patterns i usually visit this site and read some of the articels. They help me remember to find the motivation and give me some new usefull tips to keep on Being on the Right track. I find the way You write very easy to read and it tells a story from Many angles in details, which helps me a lot. I Will keep on visiting the site for new inspiration and hopefully You could put some ideas for low carb meals in here once in a While. Thank You for the inspiration and new cool ideas and way of seeing the way of dieting and keep on writing these great articles. Best regards Michael

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