Fast Weight Loss Menu For Postpartum Mothers

Postpartum weight loss regime is different from other weight loss regimes in that the diet must still ensure sufficient nutrients for breastfeeding. Mothers can refer to the following menu to lose weight safely and effectively.

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Wow, this article will help moms have a best postpartum weight loss diet while breastfeeding. And, after birth, the mother’s life has changed completely. The whole day revolves around such work as baby feeding, sleeping and hygiene. The majority of postpartum mothers do not pay much heed to lose weight, partly because of being too busy taking care of the baby, as well as because she may feel helpless with the weight loss plan.

Looking after the baby takes almost all the time of mothers and little time is left for going to the gym or doing exercises. Moreover, in order to have enough milk for the baby, mothers must eat more to produce quality milk to well feed the baby. These below tips for postpartum weight loss will bring out great weight loss effects and help mothers become slimmer while still have enough milk to breastfeed.
Fast weight loss menu for postpartum mothers

Key principles for postpartum weight loss:

– Start dieting and exercise around 6 weeks after birth, or when you feel fully recovered.
– Take physical exercises with great caution. But remember that you have just gone through the biggest difficulty in life, so listen to your body and adjust the exercise to suit to your physical condition.
– Simple and appropriate exercises at this stage can be walking or pelvic exercises (lying flat on the floor, lift your legs up high then lower down). Depending on your health condition, you can increase the intensity and difficult level of the exercises.
Fast weight loss menu for postpartum mothers
– Balance hormones with food rich in zinc such as red meat, nuts, egg yolk, and oatmeal as well as food containing vitamin B6 such as cauliflower and bananas.
– Do not smoke, drink alcohol and coffee.
– Avoid stress, do yoga or take a warm bath every day to relax.
– Maintain a healthy figure with BMI between 20 and 25.
– Balance blood sugar levels by supplementing low sugar food and avoiding processed sweets.
– Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes.
– Add enough amount of folic acid to the diet with vegetables and legumes.
– Enhance immune system with all kinds of onion, garlic and ginger.
– Add fat from nuts and pure fish oil.
Fast weight loss menu for postpartum mothers

Sample menu for postpartum weight loss:



– Omelet with a slice of toast.
– Mixed berry with non-sugar yogurt, blend with some kinds of nuts like walnuts and almonds.
– Plain porridge or mixed porridge with coconut milk.


– Grilled chicken served with salad.
– Baked potato with cheese, served with vegetables or avocado.
– Potato salad, cucumber and herbs.
Fast weight loss menu for postpartum mothers


– Steamed salmon with chopped potatoes.
– Fried rice with beef.
– Tofu soup with onion, tomatoes and green vegetables.
Fast weight loss menu for postpartum mothers
And Snacks:
– 1 cup of unsweetened yogurt served with sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds.
– 2 banana oatmeal cakes.
– 1 banana with nuts.
– Fruit salad.
Fast weight loss menu for postpartum mothers
Warning: Before executing any detox or weight loss methods, you should consult your doctor or nutrition specialist to find out the most suitable method for your health.
Finally, wish you can select the best menu for postpartum weight loss!

Fast Weight Loss Menu For Postpartum Mothers
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  1. When I first started losing weight 2.5 years ago, I was shocked to discover that the reason I had been steadily gaining was because I was eating too few calories per day and eating the wrong kinds at the wrong times. Balancing my diet properly toward higher-protein, eating MORE calories (yes, really!) daily and spreading them out throughout the day with the heaviest meals earlier on = steady weight loss.

    Also, mummy magic tea helps with weight loss. It has lots of benefits for health and weight loss. You should drink 2-3 cups of tea each day to improve your health and get close to lose weight.

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