Fast Weight Loss Effect With Kettlebell

Kettlebell is an effective tool for weight loss, but you need to understand the usage of this type of weight in order to reap its benefits. Unlike barbell and conventional dumbbell, kettlebell mass is separated from the handle.

It magnifies the force of the arms in fast and powerful movements, causing kettlebell to be felt heavier than its actual weight. It also requires greater balance in the muscles, abdomen and limb movements, facilitating the speed of weight loss.

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+ a 4kg kettlebell
+ Comfortable fitness clothes
Let’s start the exercises to lose weight fast with kettlebell for 30 – 45 minutes per day.

Move 1:

Fast weight loss effect with kettlebell
+ Stand with feet spread shoulder-width apart; use both hands to handle the kettlebell and place it on your right shoulder, simultaneously bend your knees and lower your hips.
+ Next, swing your body to lift the bell up above your head, stand straight.
+ Then, lower your body back to the posture as if you were sitting on a chair and lower the bell down to your left shoulder.
Change sides continuously for 20 times. In the beginning, you may not yet get accustomed to it and may feel strain in muscles when lifting heavy weights. But once you master the basics, you will do much faster and the efficiency of weight training will be much more enhanced.

Move 2:

Fast weight loss effect with kettlebell
+ Stand upright and hold the kettlebell with your right hand at the shoulder.
+ Step your left foot wide forward, knees bend. Put your body weight on your left leg; move the kettlebell from your right hand to below left leg and catch the weight with left hand and raise to your shoulder. After that, step right foot forward and do similarly.

Move 3:

Fast weight loss effect with kettlebell
+ Hold kettlebell with right hand, raised to the shoulder, knee slightly loosened.
+ Swing your leg and straighten the body and push the weight upward above your head, hands straight. Perform this exercise 10 times for each side.

Move 4:

Fast weight loss effect with kettlebell
+ Lying on your stomach facing the floor, hands on the floor, hold the weight in right hand, similar to push-up posture.

Fast weight loss effect with kettlebell

+ Lean to the left, while pull the bell toward your chest with your right hand, hold for 3 seconds and lower the weight against ground.
Do 10 reps on each side.
Train yourself with 4kg kettlebell in the first few weeks, then change to 6kg for the following weeks in order to obtain the best weight loss effect.

Wish you lose weight fast to possess a slim body with these kettlebell exercises!

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Fast Weight Loss Effect With Kettlebell
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