Fast for fast weight loss after childbirth

Eliminating all kinds of fat from your diet to lose weight is a totally wrong method. Not only does fat help your brain to work well but it also works to effectively reduce weight as well as belly fat.

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A number of overweight women nurse a complex about their belly obesity. Especially for women after giving birth to a baby, the deteriorating of the physique with sagging fat belly has always been an obsession which may even leads to depression.

However, new mothers should not go on too strict diet to assure good health condition to take after the newborn. The majority of us may think that to lose weight we must eradicate all fats from our diets; however, the truth is fats play an important role in losing weight.

However, not all fats are good and effective for weight loss.
Fats are divided into two types: saturated fats and unsaturated fats.

Saturated fats are necessary for the body but should be no more than 10% of your food consumption because they contain a lot of energy which can easily leads to the accumulation of fat.

Unlike saturated fats, unsaturated fats are good for the cardiovascular system and help lower blood pressure so you need to add them in your daily menu. Polyunsaturated fats are often found in foods such as salmon, mackerel while monounsaturated fat is abundant in sunflower oil, canola oil, olive oil, fish oils and in foods like butter and nuts.

Here are three common types of popular fat that help mothers lose weight and reduce belly fat effectively.

1. Olive oil:

Olive is rich in vitamins A, C, D, E, K and antioxidants, which helps burn excess fat in the waist, buttocks and hips. Moreover, olive also contains monounsaturated fats which reduce blood cholesterol levels, supports digestion and thus make weight loss happen more easily and effectively.

Fast for fast weight loss after childbirth
Pure olive oil may increase the amount of serotonin in the blood, which is the hormone that creates a feeling of satisfaction. In addition, olive oil also contains polyphenols and antioxidants that can prevent many diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis and degenerative brain disease.

For use with the salad or eat directly, you can use extra-virgin olive oil. For cooking, you can use regular olive oil. You can also apply olive oil directly to abdomen and massage gently. Monounsaturated fats will help dispel the abdominal fat so that you will have a surprisingly slim waist. This massage can be done regularly every day, preferably before bedtime to reduce fat more efficiently.

2. Coconut oil:

Coconut oil is proved by world’s leading medical experts to aid weight loss since coconut oil increases the metabolism and burn excess fat faster and more effectively, just like when you do exercises or daily activities.

Extracted from fresh coconut, coconut oil is an abundant supply of medium chain saturated fat and lauric acid which transform into energy easier other fats. You will have less fat stored in your body when using coconut oil.

Fast for fast weight loss after childbirth

Unlike other fats from food which being stored in your body after being eaten and thus causing you to gain weight quickly, coconut oil will help drain the excess fat immediately due to chain triglycerides.

Just like any other kind of fat, coconut oil makes you feel full longer, reduce your cravings and make you eat less. Coconut oil also has anti-bacterial substances that help kill candida, a fungus that can cause cravings, fatigue and weight gain.

3. Avocado:

Not only is avocado beneficial for health and beauty but it also works to lose weight effectively. Avocado improves the absorption of nutrients in the meal and can help reduce hunger.
Avocado has delicious flavor, contains healthy monounsaturated fat, high fiber content, low protein and carbohydrates which will help you lose weight as well as feel satisfied after each meal.

Fast for fast weight loss after childbirth
Avocados contain lots of beta-sitosterol, a substance that reduces the rate of blood cholesterol and prevent fat accumulation. Especially, oleic acid in avocado will impede the rapid absorption of the body which will reduce the feeling of hunger.

Eat an avocado every day will help reduce the rate of fat absorption by 20% in one week. Despite high calorie and fat content, the absorption of nutrients from avocado makes you gain weight minimally. Therefore, avocado is not a fruit for dieting but rather an effective food for healthy weight loss.

Make intelligent choice of fats and you will shred off your hatred excess fat. Wish you successful weight loss!

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Fast for fast weight loss after childbirth
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  1. Good Read!! Coconut oil really helps in decreasing excess fat. Know how extra virgin organic coconut oil can work wonders for weight loss. –

  2. I am happy that I successfully lost all my pp weight (40 lbs) while breastfeeding my little man. I drank mummy magic weight loss tea for three months and now back to my pre-pregnancy weight and body shape.

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