FanContact Review – Save Time With Automatic FB Messenger Plus $60,000 Bonus

Perhaps any marketer nowadays all uses Facebook as one of their main sources of promotion and engagement, right? Facebook is amongst the best social platforms for marketers to increase their sales effectively. And they do that via Facebook Messenger.

However, I have heard many of my peers said that Facebook Messenger had taken much of their time. The fact that they had to spend most of their time sending and replying all the messages on Facebook left them no time for other goals. And they asked me if I knew any tool that can help save time on this.

Well, my answer is yes. Today I am going to give you some of my thoughts in this FanContact Review. Let’s follow and find out if it is the thing that you have been looking for.

What is FanContact?

FanContact is basically a cloud-based software that can help you handle Facebook Messenger automatically. By handle I mean it will respond automatically the messages. Now you can message to as many people as you want without spending a whole lot of your time on it.

About author:

The person who developed FanContact is Andrew Arius. He and his team have a big sea of experiences in making digital products which help you earn tons of cash. Some of the products I can name are FanInviter, FanGrower, MuteFlick and FlickEffets and so much more.

Feature details:

  • In this part of my FanContact Review, I will list out some special features of FanContact so that you can have a clearer view about what it can do:
  • Create high-quality list of Facebook Messenger
  • FanContact allows you to create targeted lists just by using Facebook alone. It will send subscribers unlimited messages via Facebook Messenger, and it can work in any niche, too. Whether it is running on a PC or a smartphone, the delivery rate is always 100%.
  • Increase opening rate to 100%

It is understandable that the busy pace of life sometimes becomes a reason for us to ignore Facebook Messages, especially when the messages come from strangers. However, FanContact helps you overcome the failure of communication and get better engaged with customers. It makes it easier to increase the number of people subscribed.

Automatic customer support

Not only the messages, you can also automate customer support as well. When customers reach out to you, they can have the automatic messages responded alternatively. You can also send special deals to the customers by using this ability as well.

Email responder

FanContact has completed its feature with email responder. Now you can make
unlimited lists, follow-up sequences and segments to expand the profit more

I should not forget to mention that you are capable of broadcasting a promo
offer to subscribers and resend the messages to whoever seems not to respond to
your last messages. How cool!

How does it work?

The 3-step process below is all you have to do to start your autoresponder:
Step 1: create a Facebook page in case you have yet to have one
Step 2: connect the page to FanContact just by a couple of clicks
Step 3: import the page contacts and then let’s collect new subscribers.

This is absolutely simple, right? Anyone can do it, I can assure you!

Who should use it?

The product is designed for anyone who has been and will use Facebook as one of the main channels for product promotions. It is suitable for both newbies and the experienced as the whole process requires the very least of technical knowledge and skills.

Pros and cons:

The next thing I want to share with you in this FanContact Review is what I
think the strengths of FanContact:

About the pros:

Immediately and automatically replying and sending messages

Increase opening rates as well as opt-in rates

Constant support from the vendor

About the cons:

No cons

User experience:

Now I will share with you my first impression with FanContact. Before using FanContact, I had to spend every day sinking in tons of messages to reply and send. It took me lots of time to do that, not to mention the opening rate was so poor. So I decided to seek help from FanContact.

FanContact works amazingly. All I have to do is to complete the setup procedure, FanContact will handle the rest of the work beautifully. It is even capable of resending the messages if receivers did not open it. All are automatic. FanContact also helps me with customer support by sending new deals to existing customer once a week. This makes my sales skyrocketing in a short period of time.

FanContact Review – Evaluation and Price

With the price of just $37 – I believe this is a really good product to invest in. It just needs $37 to save you from the whole tons of messages that seem to make your day overloaded. The vendor offers many attractive bonuses for early birds, so you’d better quickly to grab it. Payment is preferable to be in visa card, credit card, and pay pal as well.

Let’s buy it here: Buy Now

Thanks for spending time on my FanContact Review and I hope you can make good choices. Best wishes!