Exercise and Health Tips to Lose Weight

If you are one of those people who consider themselves lazy, you are not alone! In fact, I’m sure there are many people reading this right now who can agree that maybe they are not the most motivated of people. But whether you are motivated or not has nothing to do with that fact that we all need exercise.

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Lazy or active, fat or skinny, strong or weak – it is a fact of life that we all need at least a little bit of exercise. What follows is the most minimal of things that you can do to keep exercise and healthy choices in your daily routine.
Health Tip Number One:


Pass up the jelly-filled doughnuts and go for the healthier snack. For example, strawberry yogurt with bits of granola thrown in can be just as tasty as the sugary-sweet doughnut that you may be having instead. If yogurt doesn’t cure your sweet tooth, however, keep a few rice cakes on hand to eat when you feel like having a little bit of a snack. Jelly and cream-filled doughnuts are definitely not the way to go. Perhaps one doughnut like that here and there is okay, but an everyday occasion most definitely should be stopped!
Exercise Tip Number Two:

Use the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Unless you have a physical problem, like a doctor-endorsed bad back or weak knees, stairs should not be a problem for anyone. Instead of using the elevator or escalator at work, work up your cardio-vascular endurance by taking a trip up the stairs. Choosing the stairs over an easier way will not only give you a sense of accomplishment, but you will also get used to them after awhile!
Health Tip Number Three:


Pack your lunch at school or work instead of eating out. Not only will this save you money now and in the long run, you will also be eating healthier. Buying a pack of lunch meat, like turkey or chicken breast, is much healthier than grabbing a hamburger or even a chicken patty at a fast food restaurant! You can decrease the amount of fat that you’ll be eating by as much as 5 to 10 times. Just thinking about that fact alone should entice you to pack your lunch instead of relying on a fast food restaurant for your nutrition!
Exercise Tip Number Four:

Make walking a definite must throughout your day. However, you should exclude walking from a building to your car, or from your car to your house (unless they are lengthy distances) part of your exercise routine. Getting out for about a half hour to 45 minutes each day will not kill you. If anything, you’ll be healthier, because not only will you be burning calories on your daily walk, but you will also have a healthier mind because of it!
Health Tip Number Five:


Drink water and milk! This may seem simple, but just think about how many times over the past week you have chosen soda pop or another type of liquid like this instead of milk or water. Experts suggest drinking at least 8 cupfuls of water each day! Water and milk will not only help you in your health quest, but you’ll boost your immune system as well!
When thinking about the many ways in which one can improve themselves, whether physically, emotionally, or nutritionally, there is literally no end to the ideas that one can come up with. Even by simply employing the ideas discussed above, you will have a healthier body, mind, and spirit!

Nick Carter

Exercise and Health Tips to Lose Weight
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