Enrich Your Weight Loss Menu With Salmon Salad

Salmon salad is an excellent combination of the top weight loss foods such as salmon, watercress, olive oil, oranges, and fennel bulbs. It has a strange yet gratifying taste when eaten and above all it help you get a slim figure.

Enrich your weight loss menu with salmon salad
Have you ever wondered what to eat to not only ensure health, but also lose weight? The palatable salmon salad would be the right choice for you.



– Salmon fillets (300g)

– 1 bulb of fennel

– 1 fresh orange

– Capers

– Olive oil, black vinegar and spices available in the family.

– Watercress (or sprouts, lettuce)

How to make salmon salad:

– Grill the salmon: salmon marinated with salt, a little olive oil, and finely chopped fennel fronds. Wait about 10 minutes for the salmon to absorb and then roast it. Olive oil makes fish meat soft, tasty and moderately tough as well as keeps the salmon surface from being dried.

Enrich your weight loss menu with salmon salad
– Other ingredients: for watercress, take the young tops, brine and rinse clean.

– Fennel bulbs: clean well and cut vertically. Cut the orange in half vertically, squeeze one-half for juice and separate the other into sections. Add a little black vinegar, olive oil and sugar into the orange juice and stir until dissolved then soak fennel bulb into the mixture.

The primary purpose of adding orange juice and black vinegar is to adjust the taste of the dish, make it appetizing and not greasy. Orange juice and vinegar contain digestive acid composition, which helps metabolize fat and prevent fat accumulation. This is a popular trick used in the diet to slim down.

Enrich your weight loss menu with salmon salad
– About 20 minutes later, when the grilled fish is ripe and smells delicious take it out and pick the salmon meat into pieces. Put the salmon into the bowl of mixed orange juice and vinegar to let it absorb the seasoning.

– Finally, prepare a plate of salmon salad and sprinkle capers on top.

Diets with salad: 

You can select either one of the two ways to lose weight fast. Remember you only need to eat one meal of salmon a day and twice a week to get the most benefits.

– Breakfast or dinner: have salmon with rice paper (rice pancake) salad and no additional rice. 20 minutes after eating, drink a cup of grapefruit juice, orange or lemon juice diluted without sugar.

Enrich your weight loss menu with salmon salad

– Lunch: eat salmon salad with half a cup of hot rice, 1 bowl of seaweed soup or vegetable soup without meat. After eating 20 minutes, drink 1 cup of green tea.

Do you know that fish, especially catfish are encouraged to use as alternatives to protein-rich meat in the crash diet for overweight and obese people? Among them, salmon is used most commonly. Because, besides weight-loss benefits, salmon also contains lots of omega-3 fatty acids which greatly benefit the heart.

Eating salmon twice a week helps you have a healthy heart and an ideal figure.
Wish you success in losing weight with this dish!

Nick Carter

Enrich Your Weight Loss Menu With Salmon Salad
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