Drinking Alcohol Affects Weight Loss

Alcohol has a very negative effect on weight loss. Drinking can wreck even the best-laid plans. A night out can set you back weeks. Consider this there are a total of seven calories in every gram of alcohol.

So-called light beers have at least 110 and regular brews 150 calories. A martini has 110 and other mixed drinks double or triples the calories in them with the addition of the mixes. Now with numbers like that and knowing you are not going to stop at one why would you tempt fate.

A long island ice tea has over to shots in one drink think of the number of calories you are going to have to get rid of. These calories hinder weight loss because they will be what your burns before it even considers burning one ounce of fat.

A lot of folks are unaware that when you ingest alcohol it slows down the fat burning process. The body tries to eliminate this irritant as quickly as possible and until all of it is purged it will not burn anything else. Add to that the fact that alcohol increases appetite and lowers inhibitions.

So, What are the tasks those we must do to lose weight:

Stopping at burger joints or all night diners to feed the alcohol is the normal for drinkers, and you will overdo it. So after the alcohol is gone the body has a new lot of calories to contend with. This is a real step back from the weight loss table.

Because weight loss is dependant on you and your routine. And there will probably be a day or two that you do not exercise as your body recovers from the effects of drinking. Even if you do not get plastered the body will be sluggish. To coin a phrase alcohol is a drug and the enemy of the body and mind.

It is possible to enjoy a drink every now and again without totally throwing weight loss possibilities out the window. You will have to substitute something in your diet that week and exercise more to compensate to stay on track.

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To drink or not to drink, this the question that only you can answer. Knowledge about the subject will help you surely make the right decision for you. Everyone has his or her own rights and wrongs. Alcohol and weight loss do not go together at all as alcohol has been proven to stop the fat burning process by at least 70%.

It seems a shame to spend all that time doing various forms of exercise to just defeat the effects later. It is like sticking your head in a microwave to get a tan. As was mentioned before it is up to you may not have understood anything about the effects of alcohol on weight loss before but know you know and that is half the battle. Even if you choose to drink remember to do it responsibly.

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Drinking Alcohol Affects Weight Loss
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