Coffee – a perfect weight loss remedy for women

It will be a complete myth if you think coffee is totally healthy. Coffee is one of the most popular drinks all over the world. It is present in almost all countries. Coffee virtually becomes the “baron” of all kinds of drinks. And many people use coffee to lose weight. Especial, drinking coffee while nursing or breastfeeding.

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Coffee is handed to consumers of all social classes from the poor to the elite, who all love this drink. However, coffee is not as beneficial to human health as we may perceive. Can i drink coffee while breastfeeding?

Not only does it cause insomnia and high blood pressure, if drink too much, coffee can also increase the threat of cancer. The toxic substance named acryl amide is found in more than 20 types of tested coffee.
Apart from the benefits, scientists warn against abusing coffee because it can cause side effects and the high dose usage can be harmful to your health.

We should not drink too much coffee because it can cause numerous side-effects. Some German scientist says that acryl amid, which can cause cancers for cattle, is found in all experimented 24 types of powder coffee and 7 types of espresso. The amount of this substance is much less in brewed coffee than in powder coffee.

The Chairman of German Coffee Association, Mr. Winfried Tigges supposes that, acryl amide is not present in unprocessed coffee; it is only formed in the roasting process. He also claims that coffee manufacturers are researching on finding the methods to produce coffee without this substance. Pure green coffee beans extract.

Why many people use coffee to lose weight?

Coffee causes glucose metabolism disorder:

According to some recent American and Dutch researches, coffee reduces the sensitivity of the body to insulin, a hormone that regulates the concentration of glucose level in the blood. Using too much coffee also increases the amount of hormone causing stress as well as slightly increases the blood pressure. Besides, the amount of free fatty acids
In blood of these group of people is also higher than usual.

Coffee can result in blocked blood vessels and high blood pressure:

People suffering from high blood pressure should not drink coffee. The first cup of coffee in the day can make your blood vessels blocked for at least 2 hours, causing the blood pressure. The second and third cup will make blood vessels blocked temporarily. That is the results of the scientists from Henry Dunant (Greece). Hypertension patients with high blood pressure should drink non-caffeinated coffee instead or not drink it at all.

Coffee causes atherosclerosis:

Drinking coffee regularly can accelerate the inflammation process, leading to serious diseases. Scientists at the Harokopian University in Athens (Greece) have concluded after doing researches on more than 3,000 healthy people.

For those who drink more than one cup of coffee per day, the rise of elements that cause inflammation in the blood, in many cases, harms the healthy cells and causes chronic diseases such as atherosclerosis. The risk is the same for all subjects regardless of sex, age and smoking habits.

Coffee combining with smoking does harm to the heart:

Researches in Greece showed that the combined effect of coffee and smoking increases the likelihood of arteriosclerosis. This means cigarettes and coffee can interact with each other, and have negative impact on the arteries.

Coffee damages nervous system:

According to the World Health Organization, the abuse of the coffee will harm the nervous system, causing jitteriness, anxiety, insomnia, stress and even lead to vomiting and stomach disorders. Since many types of food contain caffeine, doctors often advise consumers to read the ingredients of all food on the label before use to adjust the daily intake of caffeine accordingly.

Drinking coffee in the right way to lose weight effectively:

Many people use coffee to lose weight. Due to the above harmful effects of coffee, many scientists have warned consumers to drink coffee in the right way to lose weight effectively.

During 30 to 60 minutes after meals, we can drink a cup of sugar-free coffee. A cup of black coffee of 100 grams contains only 2.55 calories. So, drink black coffee after dinner helps resolve body fat, facilitate the loss of excess fat.

About 30 minutes before exercising, you may drink a little coffee, this will make your body feel more excited, convert fatty acids into energy and speed up fat burning process when doing exercises to lose weight.

Do not add sugar to coffee, if you are not accustomed to this or do not like the bitterness of coffee, you can add a little fresh milk instead of sugar, as sugar will hinder lipolysis.
Hot coffee helps the body release energy faster than cold coffee.

Carefully dehydrated coffee will have stronger flavor, but the amount of coffee remaining is little and thus do little help to lose weight. Therefore, moderately dried coffee will have better effects in weight loss.

Wow, how much coffee can i drink (while breastfeeding)? Oh no. Do not drink coffee when hungry, it will easily cause stomach ulcers. People with insomnia and indigestion should not drink coffee in the evening.

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Coffee – a perfect weight loss remedy for women
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