Circumstances To Avoid Exercises After Childbirth

Taking exercises to get in shape is one of the most common choices for women after childbirth. However, it is not recommendable for all cases of losing weight after the birth of the newborn.

Women giving normal birth should not start doing exercises until two months after birth and should begin with simple movements that are suitable for your health and stamina, and then gradually increase the intensity in order to avoid the bad effects of over-strenuous practices.

Circumstances to avoid exercises after childbirth
For women with a caesarean operation, this time period should be about 4 months, depending on body condition and the recovery and healing of the incisions. If the incisions heal without being hurt or too dry, you can take gentle exercises after about 4 months.

However, if the recommended time is over and you still encounter the following problems, you had better postpone the exercises until some more time:

1. Fever After Childbirth:

Exercising when you are not feeling well, sick or get infected is a completely crazy idea. Fever is a warning sign that your health is experiencing problems and need to rest, doing exercises now will only exacerbate the situation by making you more tired.

Circumstances to avoid exercises after childbirth

2. When you are not feeling well:

The medical experts at Harvard University say that you should avoid exercising activities after childbirth if you meet with phenomena such as nausea, fatigue, dizziness, faint or shortness of breath.

When you are not feeling well
3. Bladder problems:

If you have difficulty urinating or have pains when doing so, you should defer your exercise regime. If after 4 to 6 weeks, you still leak urine, you should avoid exercises until you have seen a doctor for examination and advice. This is because if you are not careful, the activities will make worse to your bladder.

4. Soreness after cesarean:

Women having cesarean births are always recommended by doctors to take gentle movements but many of them still try to do rigorous exercises in order to regain the figure fast. In the beginning you should take a rest and should consult a doctor before joining a fitness club.

5. Problems with your feet:

If you press on different positions on your foot and see painful, reddened or swollen points, you should pay attention because this may be a sign that you are suffering from deep vein thrombosis (DVT). This is a disease related to blood clotting status in veins deep inside your body, most commonly in the veins in the feet. That is why you should see your doctor and if you have DVT, you should avoid exercises completely.

6. Chest pain:

If your breasts become engorged, painful, red or swollen, you may have mastitis, or inflammation of the milk glands. You should avoid exercises when the warning signs are present after birth.

7. Pain:

If you simply feel unwell or have pain somewhere in your body, you should stay away from the gym. If the pain does not stop soon, you should ask your doctor about the reasons.

When you are not feeling well
8. Postpartum anemia:

If you lose too much blood during childbirth, it is still not proper time for you to take exercises to lose weight. Trying to exercise will cause more blood shortages and may threaten your life. Therefore, you should add iron-rich foods in your daily diet to help stabilize your body.

In summary, before taking exercises, you should listen to the opinions of doctors and listen to your body to get the best knowledge about your current status as well as to understand the side effects of doing exercises may have on you. Especially during the first 6 weeks after delivery when your body is in the recovery phase, you should not push yourselves to take too much exercise.

You need to restrict activities such as lifting weights, movements affecting abdominal muscles and exercises that involve changing directions abruptly like basketball, sprint or coordination sports. You can consult your doctor for appropriate training activities.

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Circumstances To Avoid Exercises After Childbirth
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