Cases Not To Lose Weight Right After Childbirth


To lose weight after giving birth to a baby to regain a slender physique is something mothers should do, but if you are in the following situations, you should be careful with your weight loss plan to avoid bad health effects.

Cases not to lose weight right after childbirth:

1. Having cesarean delivery:
Cases not to lose weight right after childbirth

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After C-section operation, women should not lose weight immediately but must wait 3 months before implementing any weight loss regime. For women giving normal birth this period should be 2 months.

As weight loss involves scientific diet as well as regular exercises, the inappropriate practice or insufficient time after birth will affect the incision and can cause delayed wound healing, bleeding or even affect the uterus. If the diet is inadequate, it can lead to severe consequences on health as mothers with caesarean delivery suffer more long-term health influence than those with normal delivery.

2. Anemia:

Cases not to lose weight right after childbirth
If suffering from postpartum anemia, you absolutely should not lose weight. Anemia occurs in most women after delivery. If you try to lose weight during this time, you cannot provide your body with sufficient nutrients, which will seriously affect your health and your baby. To prevent anemia, mothers should add iron into daily diet with such foods as beef and fish.

3. Constipation:
Cases not to lose weight right after childbirth

Mothers should not lose weight when having constipation. This situation may results from inactivity and the declined digestive function. And according to our traditional experiences, it is not recommendable for mothers to lose weight after birth when constipated. To avoid constipation, you should add foods with much fiber such as fruits and vegetables, and increase the level of activity.

4. Recipes for safe weight loss after childbirth:

Diet: You need to follow a scientific diet with a lot of vegetables and fruits. Especially, breakfast is important and should not be skipped under any circumstances. You should also add to the weight loss menu some kinds of high-fiber food such as oats, legumes, cereals and other grains.

At the same time, you can have some starchy foods such as bread, rice and pasta in each meal. You should also limit sugary foods, fast food, confectionery and fizzy drinks. In addition, you need to combine main meals and snacks, and balance the amount of food in each meal reasonably.

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Cases not to lose weight right after childbirth

Exercise regime: Besides the scientific diet, you need to take regular exercise to effectively lose weight. Workouts will help you reduce excess fat tissue and lose weight safely and healthily. You also need to have a reasonable exercise regime to maintain an appropriate workout routine as well as avoid negative health effects.

You can start practicing with gentle exercises such as walking, pelvic exercises and stretching. These movements are simple and good for your health. However, you should wait 6 weeks to 8 weeks or until you feel you have fully recovered after birth before aiming at those harder fitness exercises.

Moreover, you can always exercise with the baby such as taking the baby for a stroll or walking to the park to enjoy the cool fresh air. A relaxed spirit will be supportive for your weight loss process.

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Cases Not To Lose Weight Right After Childbirth
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