Huge Bonus

Many Bonuses in May are waiting you:

Bonus #1: 11x Resistance Bands for Yoga Strength Workout GYM Fitness Equipment Accessory

– Develop the greater pectoral muscle and the deltoid muscle for making strong and beauty
– Unique design and high quality, never used
– Resistance Bands offer a wide range of flexibility and strengthening exercises
– Have a great workout on this chest expander
– Light and handy, easy to carry and keep
– Ideal for upper and lower body conditioning
– Portable for home, office and travel
– Stay slim and fit with the resistance bands
– Complete progressive resistance exercise program containing tension-progressive resistance bands
– Provides both positive and negative force on the muscles, improving strength, range of motion and cooperation of muscle groups
– Color-coded progressive resistance makes it simple to know which band to use for each exercise
– Different resistance levels are determined by thickness of the band or the tubing
Bonus #2: Massage Roller Ball Massager Body Therapy Foot Hip Back Relax Stress Release DG
Bonus #3: Handy Roller Ball Self Massager, Neck Shoulder Pain Massage, Body Health Massage:

Role: Through massage, relieve stress, improve blood circulation, relieve the waist, back, leg pain and fatigue, massage ease of mind, thus achieving the function of health and relieve stress, especially for people living in high-pressure working conditions reducing fatigue.


1. the soft massage head placed on the rear part of the neck acupuncture points, back and forth pressing massage can handle;

2. can be adjusted by rotating the pressing force than the massage heads.

Bonus #4: Finger Joint Hand Massager 2-Rollers Handheld Massager Blood Circulation Tool Ex
Help improve elasticity of skin, tone up muscles, keep fingers looking young as beauty tool.
To apply some massage oil or lotion to moisten fingers produces smooth soothing massage.
Also helps finger arthritis, morning stiffness of fingers as it helps circulation of blood,
remove Chi stagnation, helps oxygen uptake, relieve pain.
Natural way to massage fingers, relax sore muscles of fingers,
relieve stiffness and pain after using keyboard in one fixed position.
It’s good to take a rest for fingers after long handwork, as on computer.Type: Finger Massager
Material: Plastic
Features: 2 Rollers, Finger Massager, High Quality, Beauty Tool, Useful
Size: 15cm x 3.5cm x 3.5cm/5.91″ x 1.38″ x 1.38″ (Approx.)Bonus #5: Mini Acupressure iTouch Massager Finger Operating Massage Pain RelaxTool