Best weight loss foods around the world

Nowadays, losing weight seems to be the leading common mand of human being. Each nation and each region are in favour of their own secrets of weight loss, which are supposed to be the most effective slimming ways. Below are some leading popular weight loss foods in the world that you can digest to get a slim waist and maintain a healthy figure the most effective.
1. Chocolate:
According to the study made public in The Journal of Nutritional Science, consuming a certain amount of chocolate is an effective way to lose weight. Chocolate helps prevent your appetite all the day if it is served as breakfast. Thus, nutritional experts consider chocolate consumption an effective and stable way to slim down.
2. Hummus:
Hummus, whose basic ingredients are pureed chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and garlic, is popular throughout the Middle East, and Arab. According to the Journal of Nutritional Sciene, hummus is an excellent source of satiating protein and fiber in chickpeas, which helps you control your pounds effectively. The study also shows that those who eat hummus regularly own an 8 percent smaller waist than normal people.
3. Prunes:
Many nutritional researchers from The University of Liverpool have proved that those who eat a certain number of prunes every day tend to lose pounds faster than other people as prunes are an excellent source of fibre.
4. Oat bran:
The study published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that serving oat bran for brakfast can help dominate your appetite. It not only has beauty effects on your skin but also contains less fats and more ideal fibre aiding in reducing weight effectively.
Besides, oat bran has a high level of antioxidant compounds and provides protein, iron, and other healthy nutrients good for your heart and blood. Especially, the fibre from oat bran can help lower the cholesterol level and prevent germs causing canncers.
5. Green tea:
The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition also announces that catechin and caffeine compounds in tea can help speed up the fat oxidation process. Therefore, tea is known as a “golden” food helping with weight loss.
6. Avocado:
Avocado is one of the few fruits with cholesterol free and single unsatuated fats which help the body reduce the cholesterol level and prevent obesity. Here’s why it’s worth eating more avocado if you want to lose weight. In addition, the fibre, kali, and healthy fats from avocado are good at dominating your appetite.
7. Peanut/ peanut butter:
Peanut or peanut butter consumption enables you to prevent your appetite for 12 hours. British researchers indicate that a high peptide YY level in peanuts creates the feeling of fullness after you have eaten peanut or its butter.

Here are the foods that the entire world has faith in using them to lose weight. So why don’t you turn them into your own pocket diet to improve the overweight body by yourself?

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Best weight loss foods around the world
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