Advantages – Disadvantages Of The Popular Dieting Trend

Each diet to lose weight in the world have different effects weight loss, you try to find out the pros and cons of 10 diets are currently the hottest offline.

The pros and cons of 10 diets to lose weight loss:

1. Diet Paleo:

Simulations based on the eating patterns of nomadic hunter-gatherers, Paleo diet emphasized the need to have a diet containing high protein, low carb and eat a variety of seeds. Enthusiasts this diet focuses on foods rich in alkalines, such as fruits and vegetables than the sour foods such as meat, cheese, fish, and legumes.

Pros: Many recipes inspired Paleo typically starchy vegetables (ie SuperCarbs) is beneficial for health.

Cons: When it comes to scientific support is almost nobody supports Paleo diet. First, the pros of this diet quite low average life expectancy.

Second, for the average healthy adult, their blood pH is always problematic. While I (Jaclyn London – Director Good Housekeeping Institute Nutrition) is a strong supporter of the increase in vegetables, reducing sodium intake, cut nuts, beans and dairy completely from your diet will cause the body missing some important nutrients.

The bottom line: You should be a good combination of both vegetables and foods containing fats and salt.

2. Atkins Diet:

Founded by Dr. Atkins, the Atkins Diet diet reigns in everything that contains low carb: Atkins helps you eat 20 carbs a total of 20 total carbs minus dietary fiber and sugar alcohol to contain the real products, while Atkins can you eat 40 carbs 40, offers a free plan, more comfortable.

Advantages: lose weight immediately. Jaclyn London confirmed: we store carbohydrates as glycogen. When we cut carbs significantly, the body will use stored form of glycogen to stabilize blood sugar levels. When glycogen is broken down, we will lose water already stored in our muscles …

Cons: This is a dehydration problem quickly: when you’re dreaming of muffins, breads, and pasta, the dehydration becomes a serious problem. Should reduce any food groups that you risk losing a lot of water. And when all the weight of the diet makes both internal and external calorie reduced, your body weight will eventually remained stagnant, unless you reduce overall calories.

The bottom line: I see more benefits in Plan 40 new Atkins, because it emphasizes a low amount of carbs from processed foods, while promoting fruit and vegetable starch.

3. Gluten – Free Diet:

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. A strict diet without gluten is still updated only for the treatment of individuals.

Advantages: The use of gluten has many benefits especially weight loss, helps the body protein consumption. For example, if you are avoiding gluten without eating bread at dinner, but can eat bread and add some vegetables to one side of that bread at breakfast.

Cons: When you eat foods containing gluten too much, your body will have to add a few letters weighing. However, there are many gluten-free products are full of sugar and fat also makes you gain weight rapidly if uncontrolled.

The bottom line: Losing weight is good for your health than by combining fiber rich foods that contain gluten naturally and packaged products containing gluten to help you lose weight long term.

4. Diet Mediterranean:

Based on the diet of people living in Mediterranean waters, this is the favorite diet of many people. This diet encourages eating more foods from nature (fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals, fish, small amounts of meat and dairy fat) while you need to control alcohol wine and sweets into the body.

Pros: Diet Mediterranean as a weight loss methods to help reduce the risk of chronic diseases and particularly effective for weight loss.

Cons: No cons for this diet.

The bottom line: It’s a great diet for those who want to lose weight and incorporate fresh foods into their diet.

5. DASH Diet:

DASH stands for diet helps prevent high blood pressure, is the gold standard for all overweight people with high blood pressure are seeking to reduce blood pressure but still lose weight effectively.

Pros: Reduce the amount of processed foods ( not to mention high-fat meat). Helps reduce blood pressure in people with hypertension perennial.
Cons: No cons for this diet.

The bottom line: Similar to diet Mediterranean, which is a method of weight loss is beneficial for patients with obesity associated with chronic diseases.

6. Army Diet:

Diet plan helps reduce consumption of 1,000 calories per day and combined with periods of intermittent fasting will help you lose weight effectively.

Pros: some research has shown that if you make a diet extremely stringent military will achieve some positive results in weight loss and reduce the risk of chronic diseases with fasting discontinuous.

Cons: For a normal healthy people are looking for ways to lose weight, the intermittent fasting diet of the army is not really ideal method, and eat less than 1,000 calories is not should now do with their bodies. Once you’re not a vegetarian by this diet, you are more likely to be hungry and fill the stomach with the other unhealthy foods. This leads to quicker weight increase.

The bottom line: You should eat each meal spaced 3-4 hours to balance blood sugar levels and keep you away from feeling hungry. Note: never try a diet plan requires little more than 1,200 calories per day.

7. HCG Diet:

It is a female hormone produced during pregnancy. Eating plan so that enough 500-800 calorie / 1 day increases the hormone into the body (by injecting the hormone directly into the body), plus diet including 1 vegetarian meals a day and avoid collective exercise.

Advantage: No advantage for this diet.

Cons: Agency Food and Drug Administration recommends avoiding HCG diet. There is absolutely no reason that any obese person or a normal person that the regime of fasting under severe caloric restriction and hormones injected into the body does not need to lose weight.

The diet includes electrolyte imbalance (which can cause neurological deficits), gallstones, and cardiac arrhythmias. Simply the best diet to avoid it.

8. The South Beach Diet:

Diet South Beach Diet was designed by Dr. Arthur Agatston, is designed in three phases. You started a plan to reduce harmful foods and slowly introduce your diet: whole grains, starchy vegetables, and eating in moderation.

Pros: It’s definitely a method to lose weight or, and a number of products on the market are high in protein, fiber response to help keep appetite for the body.

Cons: Unlike many other diets takes place in several stages, which is the method that you difficulty in long track.

The bottom line: this plan is not harmful, but in reality is not better than the classic diet like the Mediterranean, DASH.

9. Break down each meal:

This diet emphasizes eating frequently based on a specific time of each meal.

Pros: Unlike some of the other diets if above, you can eat 6 meals a day.

Cons: This diet was designed by Dr. Ian Smith, this diet is based on calories in and calories from the body, combined add 2 lemons a day.

The bottom line: this diet is not dangerous, but split diet meals often take a long time, almost like you spend all day eating.

10. Diet The Doctor:

Designed by Dr. Travis Stork, The Doctor diet is essentially a healthy eating plan for the wise who knows.

Pros: The dietary flexibility and fit, as well as many different types of food eaten by the participants (eg vegetarians). In addition, the recipe seems always pay attention to healthy foods, and an emphasis on physical health in general.

Cons: No cons for this diet.

The bottom line: This diet plan is safe and the recipe seems simple. Doctors recommend that you try to eat about 1,500 calories a day for delicious recipes and snacks help you lose weight long term than with diet The Doctor this.

With the pros and cons of the 10 hottest diet today, you will have more knowledge about diet, weight loss and for looking out for themselves a safe weight loss methods that are most effective.
Wish you successful weight loss!

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Advantages – Disadvantages Of The Popular Dieting Trend
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